Santa Margarita Gun Club

Work Party – 30 April 2016

Hello Fellow SMGC Shooters:


WHO: Ladies and Gentlemen, Participants of SMGC Events, may hands are needed!!!

WHAT: Work Party, April 30, 2016

WHERE: We will all assemble at Range 116A (Parking Lot) and go from there.

WHEN: 0700-1800 hours

HOW: Bring your Work Gloves, shovels, Brooms and any other tools you might think of.

GOAL:  We will divide up the personnel assembled to work on these various areas which need to be addressed.

  1. Get ALL of the Club Targets FIXED, Full Faced and Scoring Disks placed onto Targets
  2. Get the Impact Area on R117A cleared so bullet impacts can be seen.
  3. Get the Conex Boxes (116A & 103) Cleaned Out and Targetry/Supplies Inventoried.
  4. Get Range Cans Cleaned out and reorganized with appropriate supplies placed inside of them.
  5. Get Pistol Supplies (Targets, Repair Centers, etc.) Organized and in order

We will break down into teams to get this accomplished.

Team 1:  Will work on All Targets and Remain on R116A Pits to Reface All targets.

Team 2: Will clean out the (2) Conex Boxes on R116A and Inventory Supplies then they will assist Team 1 in Target Repairs.

Team 3: Will work on R117A to Clear Impact Area, Clear Number Board Holes and repaint the Target Point Markers

Team 4: Will work at Wilcox Range (103): They will clear out the Conex Box and Inventory Supplies.  Part of the team will move remove the Targets from R103’s Conex Box and bring those Targets from to R116A for repair.  They will return those repaired Targets back to R103.