Santa Margarita Gun Club

Rules and Restrictions

The Santa Margarita Gun Club rifle events are held in accordance to NRA High Power or the Civilian Marksmanship Program rulebooks as appropriate.

All Across the Course, Mid-Range, Long Range, and F-Class events follow the NRA High Power Rifle rulebook (2010).

All Excellence in Competition (aka LEG matches) and Garand/Springfield/Military Vintage matches follow the CMP Competition rulebook.

The NRA has their High Power Rifle competition rulebook available online (along with other NRA competition disciplines) on the NRA Competitive Shooting Programs webpage.

For convenience, the Santa Margarita Gun Club has a single PDF containing all the chapters of the 2009 NRA High Power Rifle competition rulebook available for download on the SMGC website.

The CMP has their competition rulebook available online on the CMP Competitions webpage.

There are cartridge/caliber restrictions specific to each range facility used by the Santa Margarita Gun Club.

The maximum rifle caliber allowed at SMGC events held at ranges on Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton is 30 caliber. For example, .308 Winchester and .300 Winchester Magnum are considered 30 caliber cartridges.

Any questions regarding any rules or restrictions can be directed to the General Club via the online form on the Contacts Page.