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SMGC COVID-19 Protocols


For the latest information regarding DBIDS, please read the DBIDS Credential Information page.

2020-12-15: Our updated member roster was submitted today to the Contractor Security office.  They request 96 hours to process the list. That puts the approval on Tuesday, December 22 by club calculations, so don’t go to the base contractor security office at the Las Pulgas Gate until Tuesday.

We do not have any activity scheduled until Jan 2 and 3, so we have plenty of time to get to the security center for updating the pass.

The pass for everyone will expire on March 15 which is the expiration of the lease extension. We are all in the same boat on this – they issue passes for the duration of the paperwork only.  As soon as we have the final lease update done, then we have to go thru the drill again.


TENTATIVE Range Dates 2021 – Download PDF


SMGC Inc. is proud to announce the return of Major Nathan Bedle USMC. Major Bedle holds the position of Executive Director and he will be executing all official business for the Club and BoD with MCBCP henceforth.

CWO4 Marine Gunner, Chris Jones USMC, continues in the position of Chief Operations Officer. Gunner Jones has been coordinating SMGC events and the requisite logistics with MCBCP.

GySgt Wayne Gallagher continues the post of Director of Operations. GySgt Gallagher has been working with Gunner Jones to effectively manage RSO/OIC Training, submission of TARs (Training Area Requests) and etc. in support of club operations.

RSO/OIC Training Event

SMGC will be conducting an RSO/OIC training event after Matches, February 27th, in the Thunderdome at R214.

All interested parties should plan to attend, and subsequently be tested for RSO/OIC Certification by MCBCP

New SMGC Hats Are Here

We have received a shipment of hats for the club.  There are Green and Tan hats with 4 different badges.  We have them in cotton twill or trucker hat (not shown).

The variations:

  1. Santa Margarita Brand with Bullseye center
  2. Santa Margarita Brand with Pistols
  3. Santa Margarita Brand with Crossed M4s
  4. Santa Margarita Brand with Crossed F-Class or M40

We have some in each color. Price is $25 and they will be at the range on match days

02 December 2020 Club News

We executed the base lease extension today and will be back in operation in January. We are requesting R214 for 2 weekends in January. We are currently working with range staff to verify range availability and final scheduling.

The process to add additional, necessary Ranges to the lease, while taking longer, are progressing and are very near completion. As I was told today, “We aim to be complete before the expiration of this most recent extension.”

We will be submitting an updated base access Roster on Dec 15, which will allow us all to renew our DBIDS pass on or after December 21.

We at SMGC appreciate your loyalty and the results of your faith are at hand.

John Hermsen
President, SMGC

2021 Membership Update

A SMGC Board of Directors meeting was held and the following change in Membership date will be implemented immediately. Going forward, all yearly memberships expire at the end of the calendar year. 

All multi-year memberships will expire on December 31 of the appropriate year.

This will make handling memberships, insurance and yearly base reporting requirements easier. Previously Harry Harrison has taken on all of the membership duties and it is a truly remarkable amount of work required.

For those individuals affected by this, an email is being sent to highlight the change and action needed. If your renewal check or funds are not received by December 15, 2020, you will be removed from the base access list and will not be added until funds are received.

For those of you who expired in the beginning of 2020 and are not part of the current membership roster, this is your opportunity to rejoin and get current.

Yearly membership in the club is not required to shoot with us, there is a daily membership option which allows us to comply with regulations and cover insurance requirements. Yearly membership is the only way that we can comply with base regulations and qualify you for a 1 year pass for base access. 

Without yearly membership you are added manually to the visitors list for a specific match with typically a 14 day duration.  This means multiple trips to the visitors center for you, and more work for the match directors to manually add you to the weekend list. So we encourage everyone interested to join the club, pay your fees and minimize hassle for everyone.