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There will be two long range 3×1000 matches on October 10 and October 11, respectively.

Register online via the Online Registration form.


Two new events on the calendar: Oct 31 – CMP GSM Match and Nov 01 – Open Practice day. Download the match/practice programs from the Match Forms page and register online via the Online Registration forms.


The 2015 SMGC Membership Application form and Release of Responsibility Waiver form are now available for download in both PDF and Word/docx on the About -> Membership page.

Please take note of the new mailing address for the SMGC:

Santa Margarita Gun Club
PO Box 79363
Corona, CA 92877-0178

This address is also saved on the Contacts page.

2015 Camp Pendleton Open Match Report

To the Competitors who fired in the 63rd Camp Pendleton OPEN Tournament THANK YOU for making it another successful event. I especially wanted to personally shout out some BIG THANK’S to the following people who helped make this a Successful and Safe event.

These are the ones who helped set up the two different ranges on Friday:

  • David Ellis
  • John Kountz
  • Don and Cindee Goodner
  • Steve Rohde
  • Harry Hall.

These are the ones who made the events run smoothly on the pistol range:

  • Steve Rohde
  • Harry Hall
  • Ted Falencki
  • Matt Kokoskza
  • Ken Letwin.

These are the ones who made the events run smoothly on the Rifle range:

  • Bradley Losey
  • Jerry McDonough,
  • Ken Letwin
  • Pit Crew of Marines from Wilcox Range and 1st CEB.

As always a special THANK YOU to our Medical Support:

  • Van Texas
  • Dr. John Child
  • Paul Guy
  • Dr. Eric Villarreal.

Thank You to the Companies who also supported this event:

PLEASE take a minute to send each of these sponsors a “Thanks” from you. I know they appreciate the feedback in their generosity and it helps me with the ability to continue our beneficial relationships.

The Camp Pendleton Open Match Winners are:

  • Pistol EIC – Harry Hall 244-3X
  • Rifle EIC – Jeffery Mikesell 481-6X
  • EIC Aggregate – Harry Hall 714-11X
  • 1000 Pt Rifle Agg – Ken Letwin 971-24X
  • 1500 Pt Rifle Agg – Harry Harrison 1451-51X

Official results of this match and the Club’s Season Final Scores for the Club’s Championships can be found on the SMGC Website Match Results page.

As this was our last major match for FY 2015, I hope you all had a good time shooting with us and I especially hope you plan to shoot with us again in 2016.

Congratulations to the 2015 Santa Margarita Gun Club Champions:

  • Januzs Dabrowski – Mid Range Club Champion (Total Final Score: 4925 x 109)
  • Ken Letwin – XTC Club Champion (Total Final Score: 5963 x 135)

Harry D. Harrison
MGySgt, USMCR (Ret.)
SMGC Vice President and High Power Director

2015 August XTC and Midrange Results

The 2015 August XTC and Midrange results are now available for download in PDF on the Match Results page.

Congratulations to the high category winners:

  • Midrange High F-Class TR – Lee Davis, MCPO
  • Midrange High F-Class Open – Walter Lange
  • Midrange High Match Rifle – Harry Harrison
  • Midrange High Service Rifle – James Minturn, CPL, USMCR
  • Midrange High Senior – Jim Trevellyan
  • XTC High Match Rifle – Harry Harrison
  • XTC High Service Rifle – Jeff Lovat

The SMGC thanks all the competitors for coming out to the matches and the volunteers that helped to put on the 2015 August 29-30 events.

2015 Camp Pendleton Open – Match Director’s Bulletin #1

To the Competitors who will be firing in the 63rd Camp Pendleton OPEN Tournament the following clarifications are being made which will assist you in participation of this Tournament and are not part of the Official Tournament Program;

Locations: As a reminder, the Pistol EIC will be the First Match Fired on Saturday Morning on September 26. All Pistol Competitors will report to Range 116B at 0700 Hours or 7:00 AM. Competitors are required to park in the Dirt Parking Lot ONLY and NOT Behind the 50 yard line.

Rifle Competitors (Only): DO NOT show up to Range 116B; proceed directly to Range 103, to report for the Rifle EIC Match at approximately 0900 Hours or 9:00 AM. Check in will be at the Covered Bleacher Area adjacent to the Dirt Parking Lot. Rifle Competitors will take all of their equipment (Rifle, Ammo and Equipment) to the 200 yard line after check in for Relay Assignment.

Rifles Used In Rifle Competition: For this particular Tournament, if a competitor fires in the Rifle EIC Match with a Service Rifle, and continues to fire in Sunday’s match, that competitor WILL BE ALLOWED to change the Rifle used for the 2nd Day of Competition (The 1000 Point XTC Match), to a Match Rifle/Any Rifle if they so choose.

A Barbeque will be held after all firing is complete on Saturday, prior to the Awards Ceremony.

Awards Ceremony & Prize Merchandise: There will be an Awards Ceremony after firing is complete after each day. Selected Prize Merchandise has been made available for Winning participants who compete in this Tournament. Winners of the Merchandise must be Present at the Awards Ceremony at the end of each day in order to collect the awards. NO Merchandise will be mailed out. Winners not present will forfeit their awards.

A Special Award will be presented to the Individual who competes in BOTH EIC Matches and fires the Highest Aggregate Score from the combined Total of each match, (Pistol EIC & Rifle EIC Scores Combined).

Companies: Berger Bullets has again, donated some merchandise which will be awarded during this competition. Accu-Grip has also provided some donated merchandise. Additionally, some special prizes from the National Championships at Camp Perry, Ohio will also be awarded.

I hope to see you September 26 & 27 at the SMGC – Santa Margarita Gun Club’s 63rd Anniversary Camp Pendleton Open – Regional Championships.

Harry D. Harrison
Match Director

June 2015 Midrange Regional Results

Congratulations to the Winners of the June 2015 SMGC Midrange Regional.

The overall match winner is Allen Thomas with a score of 1188-52X.

A summary of the overall aggregate Winners and the Category Winners are listed below

Name Day 1 Aggregate Day 2 Aggregate Grand Aggregate Awards
Allen Thomas 595-26 593-26 1188-52 Match Winner, 1st Place Conventional Gold Medal
Christine Harris 588-25 591-28 1179-53 1st Place F Open, Gold Medal
Scott Harris 588-23 588-25 1176-48 1st Place F TR, Gold Medal
Randy Teissedre 581-37 594-38 1175-75 2nd Place conventional, Gold Medal
Gary Elisio 588-23 585-21 1173-44 2nd Place F Open, Silver Medal
Greg Taylor 589-27 582-20 1171-47 2nd Place F TR, Silver Medal
Mark Roth 584-26 585-27 1169-53 3rd Place F TR, Bronze Medal
Justin Bertino 584-27 579-22 1163-49 3rd Place F Open, Bronze Medal
Ken Letwin 560-19 591-15 1151-34 3rd Place conventional, Bronze Medal
Andrew Marumoto 544-9 528-7 1072-16 High Service Rifle

Full results are available on the Match Results page.

I would also like to thank all of those who helped make this match happen.  Special thanks to Dave Ellis and John Kountz who set up the range on Friday night preceeding the match.  Also to Dave Ellis and John Hermsen for calling the line.  Thanks to Duane Fitzgerald for cooking burgers Sunday afternoon.

I hope you all had a good time and will return to next years match.