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There is no pistol match this weekend (February 13) due to range inaccessibility.


 IMPORTANT: Effective 02/01/2016, non-military ID persons will not be able to enter the base by simply providing a Driver’s License. The person must also be sponsored.

Sponsorship for non-military match participants is provided by the Santa Margarita Gun Club when registering and providing Driver’s License information to the club by NOON (Pacific Time) on the Wednesday *BEFORE* the weekend of the match in question.

MCB Camp Pendleton Security Regulations require the match sponsor (SMGC) notify the appropriate Base agency of Non Department of Defense (DoD) persons participation in the Match on the Wednesday preceding the Matches. This notification is generated by the received match entry forms and intention to enter correspondence. DRIVER’S LICENSE NUMBERS AND STATE OF ORIGIN ARE PART OF THIS INFORMATION WHICH IS TURNED INTO THE BASE SECURITY. Therefore without this information, your entry onto MCB Camp Pendleton may be denied. Additionally, persons who have expired driver’s licenses will not be granted entry onto Camp Pendleton.

Please use the secure, encrypted online form to submit your updated DL information, in addition to your match registration.

All Electronic Entries for ALL Matches & Non-Firing Participants, must be done by NOON on WEDS before the Match otherwise Civilians will not placed onto the Base Access Roster and there by will NOT be allowed on Base.


The 2016 SMGC Membership Applications are available on the Membership information page.


The official mailing address for the SMGC is:

Santa Margarita Gun Club
PO Box 79363
Corona, CA 92877-0178

This address is also saved on the Contacts page.

US Navy Pacific Fleet and All Navy West Matches

The Match Bulletins for the 2016 US Navy Pacific Fleey and All Navy West matches are now available via the US Navy Marksmanship Team website, under the Events / Events Calendar section of the site.

This is not a SMGC sponsored event. All official information regarding these matches are on the USNMT website and the official email Point of Contact is for any questions regarding the Navy matches.


2016 USMC Western Division Matches

Due to logistical constraints, the 2016 USMC Western Division Matches will have limited civilian participation, and the only civilian participants permitted must be SMGC members.

Members that are interested in participating should contact John Hermsen as soon as possible.

The Western Division Matches will be held from February 19 through March 04.

2016 January 30 – Midrange Match Report

The 2016 January 30 Midrange Match Results are now available on the Match Results page in PDF by total score and by classification.

Ladies and Gentlemen:
We (SMGC) finished the January MR Match at approximately 1530 hours today and shortly afterwards it began to drizzle. When I left Wilcox range this evening at 1730 hours it was still drizzling. Upon my return home I checked on the National Weather Forecast for Camp Pendleton’s conditions for Sunday and here is what it read:
“A chance of rain, then rain and possibly a thunderstorm after 10 A.M. Some of the storms could produce heavy rainfall. High near 58. South wind 5 to 15 mph, with gusts as high as 20 mph. Chance of precipitation is 90%.”

Therefore, I will OFFICIALLY pass along that the Sunday XTC Match will be postponed due to weather. AGAIN NO SHOOTING SUNDAY 1/31/2016 for SMGC. The weather will not be favorable to our targetry, and I am reminded of a couple of “Old USMC Sayings”, “One doesn’t have to train to be miserable, it occurs naturally!” And this one, “It is easy to be hard….. Hard to be smart.”

So with this in mind, I am sure you are disappointed in the match being postponed, and I truly hope you are. The XTC Numbers for our matches has slowly been decreasing. So I charge all of you to bring along a friend to come and shoot with us at our next XTC Match. We had approximately 40 shooters firing the Mid Range Match and I believe they all enjoyed themselves. Most had shaken some of the rust off of themselves while others were doing some fine tuning for the Berger Long Range Matches in February at Ben Avery Shooting Range in Phoenix.

I am also reminded of how important “Communications” are. I wanted to offer some tips which some had forgotten about. It is critical for you to do the Electronic Entries for Matches. It is also very important for you to also notify me if you DO NOT PLAN ON MAKING THE SMGC EVENT. I can be reached via e-mail, texting or phone calls. Please be considerate of the time, all the Match Directors spend, organizing our events. We want our matches to be very enjoyable to all of the shooters too.

One other topic. The SMGC Website has some great reference materials on Scoring Guidelines and Pit Operations. It is under the “Rifle” Heading on the Main Page of the Website and then look for Scoring Guidelines- High Power Rifle. I suggest all of you review these materials before coming out to the range to compete. There was a lot of time wasted due to some being on their own program vs. the NRA program the rest of us assume everyone should be on.

Overall I was very pleased to see those who came out to shoot. One very important detail for all club members and participants to be aware of. MCB Camp Pendleton is in the process of tighten security. Non-Military members will not be allowed onto the base unless you have a Sponsor and have a reason for being on the base. This will include those riding as passengers or observers to our Events.

The club is forced to submit a roster of all participants by Wednesday preceding the SMGC events. THEREFORE, IF YOU DO NOT ENSURE YOU HAVE REGISTERED FOR AN EVENT BY THE WEDNESDAY BEFORE IT IS SCHEDULED, AND YOU WAIT UNTIL AFTER 1200 hours on that Wednesday to enter the event……. YOU WILL NOT MAKE THAT ROSTER WE ARE REQUIRED TO TURN IN. You will more than likely be turned away at the gate entrance and there is NOTHING the club will be able to do for you. Please don’t be the BAD example for others .
We look forward to seeing you at your next event.
Semper Fidelis and Keep them in the Middle,

Harry D. Harrison
MGySgt, USMCR (Retired)
Senior Officer, Fountain Valley P.D. (Retired)
SMGC Vice President, Board of Directors

2016 CMP Rules – Important Changes

For those unaware, the official 2016 20th Edition of the CMP Competition Rules for Service Rifle and Pistol have been published. You may read the official CMP statement here:

The biggest changes to what was anticipated is Optics Service Rifle DOES NOT HAVE a weight requirement as previously stated it would have. Nonetheless, our Service Members will still be able to use their weapons systems in the Civilian EIC Matches in order to earn their “Other Points” towards the Distinguished Badge.

SMGC looks forward to holding its 1st Leg Match sometime in the near future and we hope you all spread the word about these changes. SMGC would like to see the participation levels in the “XTC Matches” we hold on the Sunday portion of our Highpower Rifle Matches.

No doubtedly someone will come up with recommended Optics to use. Gunner Ventrone can advise everyone what the new USMC Optics are going to be.

2015 High Desert NRA Regional at MCAGCC Twentynine Palms

The 56th Annual Twentynine Palms HighDesert Long Range NRA Long Range, NRA High Power Regional, Rifle EIC, and Pistol EIC will be held on December 16 – 20, 2015 at: MAGTFTC, MCAGCC Twentynine Palms, CA 92277

This is not an SMGC event, but the High Desert NRA Regional Match Program is available for download on the SMGC website in both Word/.doc and in PDF.

Please refer to the contact information in the match program for all official information regarding this event.