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Dear Competitive Shooters:

I received information today which will affect the SMGC August Matches. Due to a scheduling conflict within the X-Ray Impact Area, we (SMGC) was denied our “TAR” Training Area Request for Range 103 for August 27 & 28. Therefore the August Mid-Range (MR) and the Across the Course “XTC” matches will NOT take place as scheduled.

This is completely out of our control.

SMGC is going to attempt to re-schedule the Mid-Range Portion on Saturday, September 10, 2016 at Range 103. This is going to take place of the Saturday Long Range Match. The other portion of the normal Long Range Match will be conducted on Sunday, September 11, 2016 on Range 117A.

The XTC Match for August will be forfeited; however, SMGC is still conducting the “Camp Pendleton Open” which consists of a (1000 Point Aggregate on Saturday, September 24th and 500 Point NMC/EIC Match on Sunday, September 25, 2016.

We ask that you please re-submit your electronic entry for the appropriate match you desire to enter on the club’s website. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

Harry D. Harrison
High Power Rifle Director
SMGC Board of Directors


The 2016 Camp Pendleton Open Regional Match Program is now available on the Match Forms page. The event will take place on Sep 24 and Sep 25. Register now.


IMPORTANT: Effective 02/01/2016, non-military ID persons will not be able to enter the base by simply providing a Driver’s License. The person must also be sponsored.

Sponsorship for non-military match participants is provided by the Santa Margarita Gun Club when registering and providing Driver’s License information to the club by NOON (Pacific Time) on the Wednesday *BEFORE* the weekend of the match in question.

MCB Camp Pendleton Security Regulations require the match sponsor (SMGC) notify the appropriate Base agency of Non Department of Defense (DoD) persons participation in the Match on the Wednesday preceding the Matches. This notification is generated by the received match entry forms and intention to enter correspondence. DRIVER’S LICENSE NUMBERS AND STATE OF ORIGIN ARE PART OF THIS INFORMATION WHICH IS TURNED INTO THE BASE SECURITY. Therefore without this information, your entry onto MCB Camp Pendleton may be denied. Additionally, persons who have expired driver’s licenses will not be granted entry onto Camp Pendleton.

Please use the secure, encrypted online form to submit your updated DL information, in addition to your match registration.

All Electronic Entries for ALL Matches & Non-Firing Participants, must be done by NOON on WEDS before the Match otherwise Civilians will not placed onto the Base Access Roster and there by will NOT be allowed on Base.

06 – 07 August 2016 Long Range Match Report

We were able to conduct a Long Range Match this past weekend and were greeted by overcast and relatively cool temperatures for early August.

Thank you to Van Texas and Rich Elliott for Medic Services for the weekend, John Hermsen, Kamran Sadaghiani, and Jerry McDonough for RSO/OIC duties.

We had a good day on Saturday with moderate winds for R117. We had 4 enlisted Marines join us for shooting on Saturday.

Thanks to Rich Elliott, Mark Roth, Gary Atkinson, Kamran Sadaghiani and Duane Fitzgerald for bringing rifles and ammo for the Marines.

We also found all of the wind flag locations and had substantially improved coverage of the range on Saturday.

Sunday, 12 shooters showed up and with an additional flag added to the mix we were in fantastic shape. From here on, Gary and Duane should have us well covered on the flag locations. It seemed like the wind was a bit more shifty on Sunday. I started shooting in 2MOA left conditions, shot thru a series of boils and ended up the string in 2MOA right conditions. I know it got tougher from there based on the afternoon scores.

I think the outstanding performance for the weekend goes to Bill Tusch for shooting a 194-9 in his final string on Saturday in challenging conditions, everyone around was listening to Lee scoring him “another bleeping X”. Good shooting Bill!

Scores for the weekend:

  • Duane Fitzgerald 1116-18
  • Charlie Wallace 1112-20
  • Gary Atkinson 1112-13
  • Bill Baston 1112-11
  • Simon Wagner 1081-12
  • Kamran Sadaghiani 1058-8
  • Jerry McDonough 583-24
  • Mark Roth 582-14
  • Martin Tardif 581-17
  • Marc Mittry 576-20
  • William Tusch 558-14
  • Lee Davis 551-6
  • Janusz Dabrowski 539-3
  • Amante Tordil 511-14
  • Jonathan Ocab 511-2
  • James Jiao 505-2

See you all in September

Mike Jones.

25 June 2016 Mid-Range Match Report

The match results for the June 25th Mid-Range match are now available on the Match Results page.

The top three scores were:

  • Match Winner – Julianne Roth – 579-21
  • Second Place – Marc Mittry – 579-16
  • Third Place – James Minturn Sgt, USMCR – 579-10

2016 June 11 and June 12 Long Range Match Report

Thanks to the very large group of participants at this months match.

Saturday we had 24 shooters, including seven Marines and one Naval Special Warfare trainee as guests at the range. We also had 2 women shooting with us and one baby tarantula that kept try to climb onto to my shooting mat, thankfully, it was gently removed and relocated by Jessica who is working on a Masters in Biology.

Sunday was down to 14 shooters in very gloomy and wet conditions.

Thank you to Mark Roth, Walter Lange, Duane Fitzgerald, John Hermsen, Van Texas, Rich Elliott, and Mike Jones for bringing and extra rifle and ammunition for Saturday’s 1000 yard match. donated 308 Federal Gold Medal Match ammo for the Marines that brought rifles to the range. I think it was helpful for the guys to have the opportunity to try an number of different guns that are setup for this particular style of shooting. They had the opportunity to shoot bolt actions in 308 Win, 260 Remington, 6.5X47, 6mm BR and 284 Win and could see the difference in wind deflection amongst the calibers.

Multiple Marksmanship pins were earned! Some of you need to claim them at the next match.

  • Robert Sullivan – Gold
  • William Tusch – Gold
  • Charlie Wallace – Silver
  • Duane Fitzgerald – Silver
  • John Encarnacion – Silver
  • Julianne Roth – Bronze
  • Janusz Dabrowski – Bronze
  • Kamran Sadaghiani – Bronze
  • William Baston – Bronze

High Scores for Saturday:

  • 1st – Duane Fitzgerald 576-8
  • 2nd – Charlie Wallace 568-14
  • 3rd – John Encarnacion 559-11 (Mark Roth’s rifle and ammo)

High Scores for Sunday

  • 1st – Duane Fitzgerald 582-14
  • 2nd – Mark Roth 581-19
  • 3rd – Rich Elliott 563-5

Overall Match (Saturday and Sunday)

  • 1st – Duane Fitzgerld – 1158-22
  • 2nd – Bill Baston – 1108-23
  • 3rd – William Tusch – 1081-17

Congratulations and Great Shooting guys!

Thanks to Van Texas and Rich Elliott for the necessary Medic services, John Hermsen as OIC, and Dave Ellis as RSO on Sunday.

We will continue to meet and stage from the Range 116 Parking Lot for all future shoots. This seemed to work fairly well Saturday as we were still able to get the range set up, Safety Brief completed, squadding and the first round down range at 9:15! It was going so well, I want to note, that Van did not even have the opportunity to provide encouragement to “hurry up and get shooting!” Thank you to our Marine pit pullers for the help in getting the pits set up and torn down. Sunday we were torn down and cleared off the range and parking by 1:15 or 1315 for the military folk.

Mike Jones
SMGC Long Range Director

2016-06-04 CMP GSM Match Report

Twenty-six shooters showed up and a woman’s category was realized too!

Match one was TIGHT.

Three shooters had a 273, two had 273.3, but Jim Ritchie had a 273.4 for the win!

Match two was won with by Vadim Israilevich with a 277.

Aggregate over all winner was Ralph Maggio with a 548.

Top woman was Veronica Vasquez.

Thanks for rolling with the match range change to NSW, pitching in with the work, and helping it run smoothly.

Semper Fi,
Jeff Lovat

Full match results are available in the Match Results section.

2016 May 21-22 NRA Mid-Range Regional Match Report

I would like to thank all those who participated in this past weekend’s 2016 SMGC Midrange Regional Match. I hope you are all looking forward to next year as much as I am I would also like to recognize the award winners for the match:

  • Match Winner Tom Whitaker 1185-53x
  • Second Place Allen Thomas 1185-45x
  • Third Place Marc Mittry 1171-33x
  • High F Class/F Open Walter Lange 1155-21x
  • High Match Rifle Randy Teissedre 1166-45x
  • High Service Rifle Aaron Perkins 1105-28x
  • High Palma Rifle Kames Cobb 1166-39x
  • High Woman Danielle Goeden 1053-8X
  • High Senior Doug Frerichs 1165-50x
  • High Grand Senior Marco Rojas 1118-17x
  • High Service Member Cameron Keating, USAF 1144-36x
  • High Tyro Sean Sandoval 1059-11x
  • First High Master Oliver Milanovich 1163-40x
  • First Master Duane Fitzgerald 1150-23x
  • First SS/Expert Mike Jones 1129-20x
  • First Marksman Dylan Williams 1065-14x
  • Iron Sight Team Match winner – Desert Sharpshooters – 785-30x
    • Douglas Frerichs
    • James Cobb
    • Michael Toliver
    • Oliver Milanovich
  • Any sight Team Match Winner – Competition Machine – 797-45x
    • Allen Thomas
    • Randy Teissedre
    • Gary Elisio
    • John Giles
    • Tom Whitaker – coach

It was notable that we had a large crew from Arizona come over for the match. Looking at the match results show they did real well.

Special thanks to Duane Fitzgerald for the excellent BBQ served during the match on Saturday. This makes the Coalinga Dirk Dogs seem ever crappier than they really are.

And of course we are all in debt to Harry Harrison for putting on the match. There were many things that must be done to hold a match of this magnitude, especially on a Marine base, so we are all in Harry’s debt for pulling it off. I thought he was very generous and creative with the awards.


Ken Letwin
Asst Match Director

Scores are archived on the Match Results page or can be downloaded from the links below:

  • Overall by Class (.pdf)
  • Iron Sight Agg by Score (.pdf)
  • Iron Sight Agg by Class (.pdf)
  • Any Sight Agg by Score (.pdf)
  • Any Sight Agg by Class (.pdf)
  • Team Any Sight (.pdf)
  • Team Iron Sight (.pdf)