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FYI – SMGC Members can now obtain their year long DBIDS Cards from the Base Visitor’s Center. Be sure to call first to ensure their computers are up and running.


Directions to the 200-Series Ranges posted.


Regular Membership Tally as of 2019-01-10:

115 Military

24 Civilian


The following is most recent instructions for MCB Camp Pendleton base entry and DBIDS (valid 05/15/2019 through 07/15/2019):

Thank you for your submission, NEXT step after 4 business days, Wednesday  5/15/2019 or any day after, instruct your guests to check in at the Visitor Center (BLDG 20255T) to receive their access pass for the requested dates during operational hours. Sponsor, you are not required to be present in order for your guest to receive their pass, we have request in our system.

ALL ADULTS MUST RECEIVE AN ACCESS PASS, NOT JUST THE DRIVER! We are located in the back of the parking lot of the Main Gate off the I-5 in a triple wide trailer labeled VISITOR CENTER.

Per MARADMIN 595/18 and DoD Manual 5200.08 V3 (As of Jan 2 2019), driver licenses and identification cards marked not valid for federal purposes, federal limits may apply, or any other similar language may not be accepted by DoD for the purpose of unescorted access (i.e. to obtain a Visitor Pass or DBIDS Credential).

If your guest has an ID with similar verbiage, instruct them to bring along with their DL/State ID a passport or original Social Security Card and Birth Certificate.

If they are issued an Resident/Green Card please inform them that they are required to bring it in as well, no copies or photos on phones.

If they are driving on base, they must bring in current vehicle registration and current insurance for the vehicle to be permitted to enter base.

Are they driving a rental? They must have Liability insurance through the rental agency or provide us with a copy of their own insurance card.

If your guest needs access during the Visitor Centers closed hours (i.e. weekends/evenings) they will need to be escorted by a Military ID card holder.

Sponsor, don’t have four days to wait for your online sponsored visitor request to process; guests need access now? Sponsor, you can meet your guest at the Visitor Center and check them in for their pass OR you may escort up to two additional cars behind you, your guest will not need to have an access pass if you are planning to escort the guest on the base, “The black car behind me is with me”.

The Visitor Center hours are:

Monday-Friday 0730-1530
Wednesday     0745-1530

Office number: 760-763-8435


SMGC Inc. is proud to announce the appointment of Major Bedle USMC to the position of Executive Director, effective immediately. Major Bedle will be executing all official business for the Club and BoD with MCBCP henceforth.

The second appointment will be that of CWO IV Gunner, Chris Jones USMC to the position of Chief Operations Officer. Gunner Jones will be coordinating SMGC events and the requisite logistics with MCBCP for the future.

Lastly, SSgt. Wayne Gallagher will assume the post of Director of Operations. SSgt. Gallagher will be working with the Gunner to effectively manage RSO/OIC Training, submission of TARs (Training Area Requests) and etc. in support of operations.

December 21 Work Party and Live Fire Practice

Event Details / Program [ PDF | Word ]

RANGE LOCATION:  Range 214, Horno Range Complex, MCB, Camp Pendleton, CA. Refer to SMGC web-site ( for Camp Pendleton vehicle entry requirements and detailed driving directions to the range.

WORK PARTY:  The Santa Margarita Gun Club will be conducting our 3rd Work Party to finish the last of our target frames for our Electronic Target Systems.  This work party is dedicated to completing the last amount of work to get our systems and targets finished.  Since the majority of targets frames are built already, we will need to attach the electronic sensors onto the remaining target frames and build the target repair faces for the short and long line events.

WORK PARTY START TIME:  8:30 A.M. on Saturday, December 21, 2019.

PRACTICE SESSION:  Upon completion of the work party, (Approximately 12:00 noon) SMGC Members will transition to the Live Fire events.  The club has invested a vast majority of our club funds to these Electronic Targets so that we would be able to eliminate the need for target pullers at our future events. 

One of our main purposes of this Practice Session will be to get members who attend and desire to shoot, familiar with the two different Electronic Targets Systems (Shot Marker and Silver Mountain Target Systems) along with Match Officials to overcome any problem areas.  Firing Members will need to bring their own personal electronics (Tablet, I-Pad, Lap Top Computer and/or Smart Phones) to the practice session. The course of fire is listed below. 

SMGC NRA 2700 Pistol Match

We we were able to get our December Pistol match in with MCCS, thanks to Sam Leiske and the gang at MCCS for running the range. 

Fortunately the roads dried out enough that we could access the range. As of Saturday afternoon it was 4WD-only able to access the range.

With the holiday weekend, we had 6 competitors show up to shoot.  Jessie Currier cleaned up all the categories with some very good shooting, even with a borrowed 1911 as his was having issues.

Match Scores

We are looking at running an EIC Pistol Match in January. As soon as we have it scheduled, the date will be posted.

December 1st NRA 2700 Pistol Match

We are running another match on R216 under MCCS Recreational Shooting on December 1.  Start time is 8 am.  This will be another NRA Approved match.

Sign up is available thru Practiscore:

Fees are $20 Military, $30 SMGC Annual Members, and $45 for Non-SMGC members.  We will limit the registrations to 11 shooters in order to accomodate the range width.

We will be shooting 3 targets per shooter to minimize interruptions with MCCS operations.  With this plan, you will have a 30 minute block time to shoot your slow fire.  Timed and rapid fire will be the normal sequence and time, just on a succession of three targets to minimize interuption and cease fires.  After each sequence is fired we will score and reface the targets.Mike Jones

October 2019 SMGC Pistol Results – NRA 2700

We shot a pistol match today.  Thanks to Sam Leiske and all the MCCS range staff for working to accommodate our schedule with all the cease fires and target scoring, also thanks to Wayne Gallagher for running the line.


  • Wayne Gallagher – First Overall Grand Aggregate – 2456-40X
  • Harry Harrison – Second Grand Aggregate – 2219-41X
  • Steve Rhode – Third Grand Aggregate – 1907-12X
  • 22LR
    • Wayne Gallagher – 820-13X
    • Harry Harrison – 785-11X
    • Steve Rhode – 683-6X
  • 22NMC
    • Wayne Gallagher – 277-6X
    • Harry Harrison – 275-5X
    • Steve Rhode – 230-3X
  • Centerfire
    • Wayne Gallagher – 819-16X
    • Harry Harrison – 702-6X
    • Steve Rhode – 622-4X
  • Centerfire NMC
    • Wayne Gallagher – 277-6X
    • Harry Harrison – 221-3X
    • Steve Rhode – 215-3X
  • 45ACP
    • Wayne Gallagher – 817-11X
    • Harry Harrison – 732-24X
    • Steve Rhode – 602-2X
  • 45NMC
    • Wayne Gallagher – 275-5X
    • Harry Harrison – 267-22X
    • Steve Rhode – 204-0X

Thanks to all shooters for coming out and participating in the match. 

– Mike Jones

November Match Status

SMGC is not planning on holding LR or Practical Rifle matches in November. Our staff and a substantial portion of our regular shooters will be shooting the following matches.  

California State LR match is being held November 2 and 3rd in Coalinga.

The 29 Palms High Desert LR match is being held November 14 and 15.

Additionally, a number of our Members and Range Staff have the Marine Corps Ball spread over a couple of weekend for the various Marine units.

December 7 will be a Long Range match and Practical Rifle ClinicDecember 8 will be a Practical Rifle Match