Santa Margarita Gun Club
Promoting safe, competitive shooting sports for active and retired military, civilians, and juniors.

03/17 – SMGC License Renewal, Schedule, and DBIDs Update

As of March 15, the existing license lapsed with the base and we are waiting on paperwork to be generated by the base and sent to Naval Facilities Southwest.

So short-term we cannot send in an updated DBIDs roster. Therefore, no one can go to renew their DBIDs cards.

The planned activities on March 27/28 will be postponed.

The planned activities the first weekend in April are still possible, but if we do not have paperwork signed by Friday, they will also be postponed.

Club President and Board Changes

Attention SMGC Members:

We would like to thank John Hermsen for his 14 years of service to the club.  John resigned earlier this week as President and Board Member to make way for CWO4 Michael (Mic) Skinta to take over as Club President and Board Member. 

Also please thank Dave Ellis for his service to the club.  Dave also resigned as Board Member and will be replaced by CWO4 Terry McElwain.

Both Gunners bring extensive marksmanship experience and have been associated with the club and our activities for several years. Our hope is with this youth movement we gain both traction with more Marines to come join our matches and setup the club for the next few years of growth and integration of the younger generation of shooters.

Please join me in welcoming Mic and Terry to their new positions in the club and thank them for volunteering to help us all and helping in governance and coordination with the base.

You will all still see both Dave and John at the Range on Match Days.

RSO/OIC Training Event

SMGC will be conducting an RSO/OIC training event after Matches, February 27th, in the Thunderdome at R214.

All interested parties should plan to attend, and subsequently be tested for RSO/OIC Certification by MCBCP

New SMGC Hats Are Here

We have received a shipment of hats for the club.  There are Green and Tan hats with 4 different badges.  We have them in cotton twill or trucker hat (not shown).

The variations:

  1. Santa Margarita Brand with Bullseye center
  2. Santa Margarita Brand with Pistols
  3. Santa Margarita Brand with Crossed M4s
  4. Santa Margarita Brand with Crossed F-Class or M40

We have some in each color. Price is $25 and they will be at the range on match days