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August 2019 Pistol EIC Matches

SMGC Pistol EIC for Service Pistol and 22 Rimfire is scheduled for August 18 at Range 214 complex.

Signups are available thru You will need to create an account to signup and pay for the match.  The deadline for registration is August 8 at 9pm if you need base access. The match is limited to US Citizens and US Permanent Residents only.  

There are two separate matches: a Service Pistol Match and a 22 Rimfire Match.  You can sign up for either match or you can shoot both matches.

Match Fees (per match):

  • Military $20
  • Annual SMGC member $35
  • Non-Member $50

Link to sign up:

The match bulletin is available for download in PDF.

July 27-28 Match Information Update

The July 27 Practical Rifle and July 28 Mid-Range Matches have been approved and are currently open for registration on Practiscore:

You will have to setup an account on Practiscore (its free) to register and pre-pay for these matches.

Fees are:

  • $10 for Military
  • $20 for Annual SMGC Members
  • $35 for Non-SMGC Members (daily membership forms must be completed at the range).

The deadline for registration for anyone needing base access is Thursday 7/18 at 9pm.

Regular SMGC members can register up to Friday, July 26 at 6pm.

2019 July EIC Match Report

The Santa Margarita Gun Club had its first EIC match at Camp Pendleton in quite some time. We have a new range there now. Range 214 in the Horno area. It is a very nice range and more secluded than our previous range.

It offers pistol, rifle and LR shooting.

Twenty-two (22) rifle shooters came out to join us in our inaugural rifle match there and they all rolled well with the “first time” shooting there surprises and discoveries. For example, who’d-a-thought white pasters stored in a conex on base for two years would cement themselves to the backers they are on but the black ones wouldn’t?

Eighteen (18) shooters were non-distinguished.

Kevin Cooper came out on top with a 477 and 9 to get a silver and is now, pending CMP approval, a Distinguished Rifleman.

Jason Van Curen earned a bronze and is now at 24 points and on the cusp of earning his DR medal. He shot a 472 with 11.

High Service Rifle shooter of the day was Gregory Brown with a 485 and 14.

High Match Rifle was Harry Harrison with a 483 and 14.

Thanks for coming out to shoot and thanks for everyones help.

– Jeff Lovat

More July 2019 Matches

Two additional July matches are now on the calendar:

  • July 27th (Saturday) – Practical Precision Rifle Match
  • July 28th (Sunday) – Mid-Range 3×500 (500 yards, not 600 yards)

The registration links are found on the Events page (be sure to click “Find out more” for the specific match).