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SMGC NRA 2700 Pistol Match

We we were able to get our December Pistol match in with MCCS, thanks to Sam Leiske and the gang at MCCS for running the range. 

Fortunately the roads dried out enough that we could access the range. As of Saturday afternoon it was 4WD-only able to access the range.

With the holiday weekend, we had 6 competitors show up to shoot.  Jessie Currier cleaned up all the categories with some very good shooting, even with a borrowed 1911 as his was having issues.

Match Scores

We are looking at running an EIC Pistol Match in January. As soon as we have it scheduled, the date will be posted.

December 1st NRA 2700 Pistol Match

We are running another match on R216 under MCCS Recreational Shooting on December 1.  Start time is 8 am.  This will be another NRA Approved match.

Sign up is available thru Practiscore:

Fees are $20 Military, $30 SMGC Annual Members, and $45 for Non-SMGC members.  We will limit the registrations to 11 shooters in order to accomodate the range width.

We will be shooting 3 targets per shooter to minimize interruptions with MCCS operations.  With this plan, you will have a 30 minute block time to shoot your slow fire.  Timed and rapid fire will be the normal sequence and time, just on a succession of three targets to minimize interuption and cease fires.  After each sequence is fired we will score and reface the targets.Mike Jones

October 2019 SMGC Pistol Results – NRA 2700

We shot a pistol match today.  Thanks to Sam Leiske and all the MCCS range staff for working to accommodate our schedule with all the cease fires and target scoring, also thanks to Wayne Gallagher for running the line.


  • Wayne Gallagher – First Overall Grand Aggregate – 2456-40X
  • Harry Harrison – Second Grand Aggregate – 2219-41X
  • Steve Rhode – Third Grand Aggregate – 1907-12X
  • 22LR
    • Wayne Gallagher – 820-13X
    • Harry Harrison – 785-11X
    • Steve Rhode – 683-6X
  • 22NMC
    • Wayne Gallagher – 277-6X
    • Harry Harrison – 275-5X
    • Steve Rhode – 230-3X
  • Centerfire
    • Wayne Gallagher – 819-16X
    • Harry Harrison – 702-6X
    • Steve Rhode – 622-4X
  • Centerfire NMC
    • Wayne Gallagher – 277-6X
    • Harry Harrison – 221-3X
    • Steve Rhode – 215-3X
  • 45ACP
    • Wayne Gallagher – 817-11X
    • Harry Harrison – 732-24X
    • Steve Rhode – 602-2X
  • 45NMC
    • Wayne Gallagher – 275-5X
    • Harry Harrison – 267-22X
    • Steve Rhode – 204-0X

Thanks to all shooters for coming out and participating in the match. 

– Mike Jones

November Match Status

SMGC is not planning on holding LR or Practical Rifle matches in November. Our staff and a substantial portion of our regular shooters will be shooting the following matches.  

California State LR match is being held November 2 and 3rd in Coalinga.

The 29 Palms High Desert LR match is being held November 14 and 15.

Additionally, a number of our Members and Range Staff have the Marine Corps Ball spread over a couple of weekend for the various Marine units.

December 7 will be a Long Range match and Practical Rifle ClinicDecember 8 will be a Practical Rifle Match

Results from SMGC Practical Precision Rifle Match October 13

The Oct 13 PPR match results have been posted on the Match Results page in PDF.

I hope all shooters enjoyed the match, we had some pretty decent weather – not to hot, not too windy for shooting. Thanks to Beau Winn for designing the COF for Sunday’s Match and a big thanks for all the marines coming out to shoot on their day off. Also a big thanks to Serge, George, Beau Juan and Mike for being squad moms for the match we appreciate the help.

For anyone interested, SDPRC will be hosting a national level match next weekend at the Pala range. It should be quite a show if you have time to go out there.

– Mike Jones