Santa Margarita Gun Club
Promoting safe, competitive shooting sports for active and retired military, civilians, and juniors.

Letter from the President – 2018-08-15

Dear Members,

As diligently as we have tried to reduce the cost of Licensure, the time to stop the endless governmental “to-do loops” in response to our communications, eating precious time, is over.
We have decided that we need to generate the necessary funds to begin operations again, and if the request to have the Base absorb some costs comes through, all the better for all of us.

The good news in all of this is SMGC has received permission to begin operations again, we’ve been stuck in a several week each loop, to do cycle trying to negotiate price, verify no change in operating parameters or ranges; during it all we sit idle. The lease renewal will be for a 5 year term, utilizing the same ranges that we have previously used, and allowing us to continue to operate pistol, mid-range, high power, long range and PRS matches.

Need to Raise Funds:
In order to get into operations again we need to generate enough cash to give the Navy $9,500.00. We currently have just short of $3000 in our accounts. We also need to raise an additional $1000 for targetry and supplies to get the mid-range targets rebuilt. Fortunately, we have paid our Insurance premiums and further payments won’t be required until 2019.

So our funding target is $7500. Once we gather the goal of $7,500.00 we can submit the payment and begin operations again in very short order. In fact our goal is to start shooting again in early October based on achieving this goal.

New Membership Fees:
To that end SMGC is raising the Membership fees to be more in alignment with the rest of the market. Effective immediately:
Yearly Regular Memberships shall be $100.00, Yearly Associate Memberships $120.00.
Two year memberships $175/200 for regular/associate.
Life of Lease members (5 years) $400.00 “life of lease” or 5 year membership.
Members who have paid their 2018 dues will be credited towards whatever membership level desired. While we are limited to a fixed number of regular members as a ratio of military members, associate members have the same shooting privileges and costs as regular members, they just don’t have a vote in club business matters.

Additionally, Medical Personnel will no longer receive free membership in the club, they will however continue to participate in matches for free.

Active and reserve duty personnel are still free to join the club.

New DOD Access Regulations:
The Department of Defense is implementing new base access regulations. It is imperative that anyone interested in participating with SMGC, MUST HAVE A RENEWED MEMBERSHIP, and updated with their personal information so that the newly mandated access procedures can be followed. If you plan on shooting with us, you will need to have an SMGC membership or a valid military ID, period! Due to the new Department of Defense procedures soon to be implemented, we no longer will be able to add someone to our roster for weekend shoot. This new access procedure will make it far more difficult for visitors to participate with the club, any non-member will require 90 day advance signup and notification to the Base Provost Marshall.

What You Need to Do:
Please remit your Membership fees ASAP and let’s get back to shooting! If your dues and application are not received by September 15, 2018, you will not be part of the initial background checks and DBIDs card issue, and will have to wait until January to process your membership. No exceptions.

John Hermsen
President and CRSO
Santa Margarita Gun Club

  • 2019 SMGC Membership Application [PDF | Word/.docx]
  • MCB Camp Pendleton DBIDS Sponsored Visitor Form [PDF]
  • MCB Camp Pendleton Access Procedures [PDF | Word/.docx]

From Camp Perry 2018

Photo submission from the SMGC contingent competing at Camp Perry 2018:

Former SMGC member Captain, now Major, Martinez USMC spotted by SMGC member Jeff Lovat at the National Matches at Camp Perry. Major Martinez is now with the 2nd MarDiv at Camp Lejeune.

MCBCP MCCS Vado Del Rio Trap and Skeet Petition – Letter from Long Range Director


Attached is a petition I am asking each of you to sign and return to my attention. This does not affect us at SMGC, this affects the shotgun range (R107), but anything we can do to support this effort can be expected to repay and support us with other like minded shooters. Phil Brooks , the petitions author, is involved with the Vado Del Rio trap and skeet club and looking for support for rescinding the decision.

Background: R107 is being closed down at the end of June, 2018. This is the location for the trap and skeet club at Camp Pendleton. Similarly the shotgun range in San Clemente was closed as it shot onto Camp Pendleton property with essentially no access for lead abatement down into the canyons. We need to group together and support these activities, or we all will be moving out of state to find a place to shoot.

Mike Jones

Long Range Director, Santa Margarita Gun Club
tel: 949-370-3152
fax: 949-429-5706

Signatures needed by 2018-04-07.

Download – Petition [PDF]

2018-03-13 – Update from the SMGC President

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to give you any information regarding the Club’s license, and the renewals of memberships shows it.

I want to assure you that the process is working, granted at the pace of a glacier it feels like; but it is. I promise.

The Club has been keeping active aboard Base through Single Marine Program events, like the Tejon Ranch Hunt Weekend, an upcoming Desert Shoot, and the most recently held and well attended PRS Clinic and 1000 Yd F-Class Match in which a National Record was set aboard Base; the second in recent months. So, even though the Gun Club’s presence aboard Base has been attenuated of late, it will rise like a Phoenix and will be unlike it has been for decades. In the short time remaining before we reactivate fully, I want to encourage you all to please renew your Memberships so we can renovate the targetry, recoup the Insurance fees recently paid, and expand our program into remote targetry, which is now a possibility.

As soon as the License is in hand, I will call for a General Meeting of the Membership and I can answer any questions then.

Thank you for your continued and loyal support of our Gun Club and it’s endeavors, the light at the end of the tunnel is in sight.

See you on the Range,

John Hermsen, President/CRSO
SMGC inc.

2018 March 03-04 PRS Clinic and Match Report

This past weekend a number of us participated in a Precision Rifle Clinic and Match hosted by the School of Infantry – West. We had approximately 36 participants in the match on Sunday. It was great seeing the interaction and participation of both Marines and civilians. Match results are posted on Practiscore:

Thank you to Colonel Holt, Major Bedle and their staff for organizing and running this event!

On Sunday afternoon a 1000 yard F-Class 4-man team match was conducted. We had 3 teams participate in variable windy conditions as you can see by the scores. The Marines from SOI-W set a pending national record at this match.

F-Class Team Scores are as follow:

SMGC Team 1 (Lcpl Alvarez, Sgt Clark, Brooks, Stottlemyer): 654-3X

SMGC Team 2 (Guy, Cruse, Paula Hair, Smyth): 592-0X

SOI-W Shooting Team ( GySgt Flynn, Sgt Hair, SSgt Beck, Maj. Bedle): 719-9X