Santa Margarita Gun Club
Promoting safe, competitive shooting sports for active and retired military, civilians, and juniors.

2018-03-13 – Update from the SMGC President

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to give you any information regarding the Club’s license, and the renewals of memberships shows it.

I want to assure you that the process is working, granted at the pace of a glacier it feels like; but it is. I promise.

The Club has been keeping active aboard Base through Single Marine Program events, like the Tejon Ranch Hunt Weekend, an upcoming Desert Shoot, and the most recently held and well attended PRS Clinic and 1000 Yd F-Class Match in which a National Record was set aboard Base; the second in recent months. So, even though the Gun Club’s presence aboard Base has been attenuated of late, it will rise like a Phoenix and will be unlike it has been for decades. In the short time remaining before we reactivate fully, I want to encourage you all to please renew your Memberships so we can renovate the targetry, recoup the Insurance fees recently paid, and expand our program into remote targetry, which is now a possibility.

As soon as the License is in hand, I will call for a General Meeting of the Membership and I can answer any questions then.

Thank you for your continued and loyal support of our Gun Club and it’s endeavors, the light at the end of the tunnel is in sight.

See you on the Range,

John Hermsen, President/CRSO
SMGC inc.

2018 March 03-04 PRS Clinic and Match Report

This past weekend a number of us participated in a Precision Rifle Clinic and Match hosted by the School of Infantry – West. We had approximately 36 participants in the match on Sunday. It was great seeing the interaction and participation of both Marines and civilians. Match results are posted on Practiscore:

Thank you to Colonel Holt, Major Bedle and their staff for organizing and running this event!

On Sunday afternoon a 1000 yard F-Class 4-man team match was conducted. We had 3 teams participate in variable windy conditions as you can see by the scores. The Marines from SOI-W set a pending national record at this match.

F-Class Team Scores are as follow:

SMGC Team 1 (Lcpl Alvarez, Sgt Clark, Brooks, Stottlemyer): 654-3X

SMGC Team 2 (Guy, Cruse, Paula Hair, Smyth): 592-0X

SOI-W Shooting Team ( GySgt Flynn, Sgt Hair, SSgt Beck, Maj. Bedle): 719-9X

Precision Rifle Seminar and Match

From the Long Range Director:
For all of you SMGC-ers, the School of Infantry-West (SOI-W) is hosting a Precision Rifle Series seminar and match on March 3 and 4 at Range 117.  This will be a seminar with some suggestions, tips and how-to’s on Saturday with live fire practice and then a 7-10 stage match on Sunday.  I would suggest 50 rounds for Saturday practice and 100 – 120 rounds for Sunday’s match. Ammunition will be restricted to 223 or 308 WInchester only.
After the PRS match there will be a 1000 yard 4-man team match.  I estimate this will start between noon and 1 pm. Pit pullers will be provided for the team match.
There is no entry fee as the USMC SOI-W is sponsoring the event.  Please consider donating $20 to the prize pool at the match.
To signup: please contact me directly at and I will coordinate entries with the SOI-W command.
Mike Jones
Long Range Director, SMGC

Single Marine Program Aboard Base / Wounder Warrior Sponsorship Opportunity

Good Evening SMGC Members,

I am writing you this evening to make a special request. I am appealing for sponsors to support a joint venture between SMGC, the Single Marine Program aboard Base, and the Wounded Warrior Battalion also located aboard Camp Pendleton.

A $375 donation will support one qualified Service Person to attend a once in a lifetime (for some of us) Pheasant Hunt weekend excursion to Tejon Ranch in Lebec, CA. The attendees will arrive on the Ranch and receive a lunch, to be followed by a Pheasant Hunt and a night camping out together, the following day there will be a cleanup hunt with dogs and then depart. There is space for 20.

Your support will make a lasting impression on these gentlemen and ladies while creating an opportunity for fraternity and healing. Get our friends out in the open, out in fresh air and clear sky (hopefully), out of the Barracks for a weekend. California is a beautiful State and Tejon Ranch has preserved that legacy as the largest private Ranch in California while being in existence since 1830.

We are trying to organize and conduct this weekend getaway on January 14-16th, so if any of you are interested in supporting an individual Service Member’s weekend excursion, please respond promptly.

Thank you all very much for your support, Semper Fidelis,

John Hermsen, President/CRSO

Merry Christmas! A letter from the President.

Good Evening to all and a Merry Christmas as well,

I have no news to report from Base as to the renewal of our License to operate SMGC, other than the last word from our Representative that the paperwork was underway through the system. Last word was we would be done in January, and so, until that time we all eagerly await resumption of operations and the excellent events we have planned for the new year.

Speaking of the new year, for those interested in participation in the 2018 Western Division Matches. You should plan for a start date of 5 February and completion around the 16th. WDMs will be conducted at 29 Palms this year.

The time to renew memberships is upon us and SMGC needs your continued support by renewing your memberships so that management can pay the upcoming Insurance, Lease and restocking of targetry, etc.

SMGC Members residing in San Diego County please pay special consideration to the following:

Several SMGC Members are participating in the legal challenges to the upcoming Ammunition Restrictions. Several others are also participating in the other challenges currently working in the system with CRPA, and specifically Michel and Associates of Long Beach.

The law firm is looking for volunteers to be plaintiffs in the impending challenge to be filed in San Diego County. Please consider volunteering for this effort and if so, YOU MUST contact them within the next day or two at most.

I wish you all a most happy and joyous Christmas, I eagerly await our impending New Year and look forward to seeing you all on the Range soon.

Merry Christmas!

John Hermsen President/CRSO