Santa Margarita Gun Club


  1. Is the Santa Margarita Gun Club a shooting range?
    No. The SMGC is not a shooting range. The SMGC is an organization that promotes safe competitive shooting sports. The SMGC sponsors shooting events, including CMP and NRA approved matches, as well as ‘open’ practice dates, that take place at range facilities on the Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base.
  2. How do I get access to the base range facilities?
    The Wilcox Range 103 and Range 117A (long range) facilities are only available to the club and it’s members and guests on days that have been pre-arranged with the Marine Corps. Basically, this means you can only use the range when the club is holding a match (or open practice).
  3. Can civilians attend the SMGC events on the Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base?
    Yes! Civilians may enter the Camp Pendelton MCB, but under the following conditions:

  4. How do I register for a match?
    All match participants must pre-register online using the pre-registration form prior to the match date. This allows the club to add civilian participants to a guest list for base entry and allows the club to plan ahead for obtaining target pullers (if necessary). Match entry forms available on the Match Forms page must also be filled out and provided on or before the match date. If you mail in a match form and fee, mail in the forms at least ten (10) days prior to the match/event date. NOTE: If you mailed in registration along with payment, but find yourself unable to attend the match, your payment will be mailed back to you. Checks are not cashed until after the event takes place, and assuming you attend.
  5. Can I visit a match as a guest (non-firing attendee)?
    Yes. This is highly encouraged for anyone interested in getting into High Power Rifle competitive shooting, whether it be traditional “Across the Course”, Mid-Range prone, Long Range prone, or F-Class. To visit a match as a guest (non-firing observer), simply use the Online Pre-Registration Page just as if you were registering for match. But indicate you wish to register as a “Non-Firing Observer”.
  6. What rules must be observed regarding entering Camp Pendleton with a firearm?
    While California State Law only requires “California Assault Weapons” to be in a locked container, it is extremely advised to keep your firearm in a locked case (even if in an enclosed trunk space) when entering the base.Please continue checking the website for updated information regarding this issue.For the time being, any (future) match participants who have yet to register their firearms with the PMO may ignore doing so until further notice from the club.
  7. What kind of rifle can I use at a match?
    Generally, any centerfire rifle that is in safe, properly working order will suffice.More specifically, for High Power Across the Course, the rifle should be:

    • semi-automatic or bolt action
    • hold at least 5 rounds in the magazine
    • be quickly reloadable, either via detachable magazine or stripper clip
    • have metallic sights (no scoped optics)

    In Mid-Range prone matches using the 300/500/600 course of fire, a rifle with metallic sights is acceptable. In Mid-Range prone matches, a scoped rifle can be used (along with a front rest such as a bipod) and compete in the F-Class category.

    NOTE: Cartridges are restricted to 30 caliber and under.