Santa Margarita Gun Club

Police and Fire Championships

Hello Fellow USPFC Competitors:


We know many of you enjoy coming down to Southern California for the annual friendly competition we have together.  I am writing this to inform you that the 2018 Large Bore Rifle Event has to be cancelled.  Our rifle club worked hard to make this event go as planned.  We have to cancel this event due to the fact that Camp Pendleton has scheduled “Fire Breaks” to be cut in the X-Ray Impact area during June 2 & 3.  The base was unwilling to change that weekend of the fire break cutting with the USPFC.


Therefore, we apologize we are not able to host this event in 2018.  Our club has not fired any competitions aboard the base since August of 2017; however, we are in the final steps to get back to holding various rifle and pistol competitions back on the base.  We anticipate our club will be back in operations after July 1.  If the USPFC matches are conducted in San Diego area in 2019, we will place our best efforts to ensure the competition goes on as it has in the past.


I invite you all to look at the SMGC Website ( for further updates as to when High Power Rifle competitions will be coming back to Camp Pendleton.  We hope this does not damper your enthusiasm for our history of competitions and I welcome any comments or suggestions which can make your experience a more rewarding one.


I hope to see you at the range soon.  Best wishes and keep it in the center.


Semper Fidelis,




Harry D. Harrison

USPFC Large Bore Rifle Coordinator