Santa Margarita Gun Club

DBIDS Credential Information

(Last updated 20 September 2020)

The Gun Club is now operational. Members in good standing and current status should go to the Las Pulgas Gate, Contractor’s Access Office,  anytime after September 23 during business hours to receive their new DBIDS passes.  These passes will be good until 15 December,  at which time their replacement will be a 1 year DBIDS access card.

In order to receive the 1 year access cards in December,  all Members will be REQUIRED to be current on Membership Dues.  Payment made and received before December 15 will ensure your addition to the DBIDS Access List.  Members who do not pay or don’t submit payment until after December 15,  will be scrubbed from the list and will not have access to DBIDS until there is a remedy,  AND the next list is submitted to Base (about every quarter);  NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.

Base Sponsor Name: Santa Margarita Gun Club
Base Sponsor Phone Number: 858-735-7222

Employer Name:
P.O. Box 4552
Laguna Beach, CA 92652
Employer Phone Number: 858-735-7222

Supervisor: John Hermsen
Supervisor Phone Number: 858-735-7222

Work Hours 0600-1800 Fri, Sat, Sun

The following are instructions for MCB Camp Pendleton Base Entry to receive your DBIDS Credential Card:

  • SMGC is an official NFE (Non-Federal Entity) with the base and is your official Sponsor to get onto the base. We have submitted a roster of the Official Civilian Club’s Members.
  • You are required to go to the Visitors Center located at the Camp Pendleton Main Gate. They are located in the back of the parking lot of the Main Gate (Right side) off the I-5 in a triple wide trailer labeled VISITOR CENTER

The Visitor Center hours are Monday thru Friday ONLY. The Visitor Center hours are:

Monday-Friday 0730-1530
Wednesday     0745-1530

Office number: 760-763-8435

Call first prior to traveling there to ensure the computer systems are up and running.

Per MARADMIN 595/18 and DoD Manual 5200.08 V3 (As of Jan 2 2019), driver licenses and identification cards marked not valid for federal purposes, federal limits may apply, or any other similar language may not be accepted by DoD for the purpose of unescorted access (i.e. to obtain a Visitor Pass or DBIDS Credential).

If your guest has an ID with similar verbiage, instruct them to bring along with their current Drivers License/State ID a passport or original Social Security Card and Birth Certificate.

If they are issued a Resident/Green Card please inform them that they are required to bring it in as well, no copies or photos on phones.

If driving on base, you must bring in current vehicle registration and current insurance for the vehicle to be permitted to enter base.
Are you driving a rental? You must have Liability insurance through the rental agency or provide us with a copy of your own insurance card.


Civilians wanting to enter to participate in SMGC Rifle or Pistol Match must have Registered for that event through the PRACTISCORE application ONE WEEK PRIOR TO THE EVENT. Failure to do so will result in you NOT Being allowed onto the base.

If your guest needs access during the Visitor Centers closed hours (i.e. weekends/evenings) they will need to be escorted by a Military ID card holder. NO EXCEPTIONS!