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Important News – Letter from the President – 2018-08-15


Attention All Hands:

Access to MCB Camp Pendleton will be changing imminently.  Very soon a DBIDS card will be required for access to MCBCP.  All Non CAC Card holders will be required to present a DBIDs (Department of Defense Biometric Identification) Card for entry to Base.  There is no cost for the card and it will be good for a one year timespan.

You will be required to come to the Main Gate and be fingerprinted, photographed and sign for a card that will then be issued subsequent to the completion of a Background Check. The Background Check and processing can take up to 90 days.

SMGC has forms to complete as we will be processing the paperwork for existing Members en bloc,  and scheduling times for the processing of individuals.  There will be more information and instructions forthcoming as to when,  where and how to secure your DBIDS Card.

All Members are strongly encouraged to IMMEDIATELY  do an online search for:  MCI WEST/ MCB CAMPEN ORDER 5000.2

Read pages 6-17 through 6-18.  They will  identify any disqualifying information that may be discovered during the Background Check mentioned previously. If you discover that you fall into a prohibited category you will be denied access and there will be no need for you to proceed further. If you do find yourself in a prohibited category and believe there is an error,  or extenuating circumstance please feel free to contact myself or another Board Member to discuss your options.

Thank you for your attention to the upcoming change, and stand by for more information.

John Hermsen,  President/CRSO


2018 USPFC Status Letter


SMGC Inc. is proud to announce the appointment of Major Bedle USMC to the position of Executive Director, effective immediately. Major Bedle will be executing all official business for the Club and BoD with MCBCP henceforth.

The second appointment will be that of CWO IV Gunner, Chris Jones USMC to the position of Chief Operations Officer. Gunner Jones will be coordinating SMGC events and the requisite logistics with MCBCP for the future.

Lastly, SSgt. Wayne Gallagher will assume the post of Director of Operations. SSgt. Gallagher will be working with the Gunner to effectively manage RSO/OIC Training, submission of TARs (Training Area Requests) and etc. in support of operations.


IMPORTANT: Effective 02/01/2016, non-military ID persons will not be able to enter the base by simply providing a Driver’s License. The person must also be sponsored.

Sponsorship for non-military match participants is provided by the Santa Margarita Gun Club when registering and providing Driver’s License information to the club by NOON (Pacific Time) on the Wednesday *BEFORE* the weekend of the match in question.

MCB Camp Pendleton Security Regulations require the match sponsor (SMGC) notify the appropriate Base agency of Non Department of Defense (DoD) persons participation in the Match on the Wednesday preceding the Matches. This notification is generated by the received match entry forms and intention to enter correspondence. DRIVER’S LICENSE NUMBERS AND STATE OF ORIGIN ARE PART OF THIS INFORMATION WHICH IS TURNED INTO THE BASE SECURITY. Therefore without this information, your entry onto MCB Camp Pendleton may be denied. Additionally, persons who have expired driver’s licenses will not be granted entry onto Camp Pendleton.

Please use the secure, encrypted online form to submit your updated DL information, in addition to your match registration.

All Electronic Entries for ALL Matches & Non-Firing Participants, must be done by NOON on WEDS before the Match otherwise Civilians will not placed onto the Base Access Roster and there by will NOT be allowed on Base.