Santa Margarita Gun Club

Message from the Board – 2014 BoD Election Results

Good Evening All and Happy Impending Holidays!

The results of the Election for SMGC Board of Directors are as follows:

  • John Hermsen, President/CRSO
  • Harry Harrison, Vice President/ High Power Director
  • Edward Polzin, BoD/ Long Rifle Liaison and RSO Program Coordinator
  • David Ellis, BoD/ Projects and Radio Coordinator
  • Crystal Sokoff, BoD/ Pistol Program Director

The Officers for SMGC are as follows:

  • Gary Fowler, Long Range Director
  • Matthew Kokoska, Pistol Program Assistant/ Coach
  • Van Roy Texas, Membership Chairperson/ Medical Coverage Coordinator
  • Jonathan Ocab, Website Coordinator
  • Brian Eggleston, Facebook Coordinator
  • Cynthia Harrison, Treasurer

The Club wishes to give a hearty “Thank you” to Matt, for all his years of service to the Club as a Board Member and we look forward to seeing him on the Pistol Range soon.

The next RSO class will be going soon, please consider certification and assisting during events. The Club is also actively seeking persons with an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) certs or higher to assure we can train; talk to those RNs, Doctors, etc. Get some interested!

Thank you and good evening,
John Hermsen, President/CRSO

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