Santa Margarita Gun Club

Wilcox Range 102 Fire Damage Report

To all SMGC Members and Guests:

I am sure everyone is aware that Camp Pendleton has had several fires. Unfortunately the club fell as victims. The Fire totally destroyed Range 102 (Pistol) We lost everything in our conex box. We were hit hard on our inventory. We lost $1506.28 in supplies. We do have insurance but it only covers liability. We can only have a liability insurance because we are on government property. If any of you members can help with a donation to recoup the lost of the supplies. This would be very grateful.

Range 102 Well be non operational until further notice.

Range 103 is intact and no damage reported. We will continue to have matches. Please check the web site for match dates.

Please contact myself if you wish to donate. We will need to have a work party to help clean up what the fires left us.

Cindy Harrison