Santa Margarita Gun Club

High Power Director, June 2014 Newsletter

The following newsletter is also available for download in PDF.

June 6, 2014:

Hello Fellow High Power Rifle Shooters!

With the recent fires aboard MCB Camp Pendleton, along with the damages to certain Ranges aboard the base, certain things have come to light with our club.

The Wilcox Range complex was hit vary hard. The Pistol Range (Range 102) was completely destroyed, along with the SMGC conex box which contained our Pistol Program Supplies. We as a club will need several things to happen in order to get the Pistol Portion of the SMGC Matches back up and running. First and foremost is the need for a Pistol Director who is willing to step up and oversee most of this work needed. We also need to examine a few things which can improve the way our XTC and Mid-Range matches are conducted especially if Range 103 is down for repairs.

Work Party:
We are looking at Saturday JUNE 14th as a “MUST HAVE” Work party day! The plan is to use the facilities at Range 116A to rebuild and reface ALL of the club targets (XTC, MR & Long Range Targets) and the USPFC Targets. This will give us only (1 Week) to get everything ready for the upcoming U.S. Police & Fire Championships (USPFC).

We will need a lot of folks to show up for this work party in order to pull this off! If a secondary day is needed then we will continue the work party on Sunday JUNE 15th (Father’s Day), but we don’t want to do this if at all possible. So regardless if you can work the entire day or just a few hours of it, please show up and lend a hand. Large jobs can get done easily with many hands…..

We will meet at Range 116A parking lot at 0800 hours (8 AM for you civilian folks). We will offer a cook out around noon for the helpers. We hope to see you there.

Match Location(s)/Range & Match Updates:

  • Range 102: Will take several months of repairs to get back to running.
  • Range 103: Is in the process of working on getting its number boards repaired.
  • Range 116: Gene Rucks (at the Range 116 A & B Complex) has graciously offered his ranges to conduct our matches if needed. The exact locations of which range we will use is TBD (to be determined) at this point. Be sure to look onto the Club’s Website for further details as a match draws near.

Match Start Times:
Our Mid-Range and XTC Matches, regardless of which range used, will continue to attempt to start at 0800 hours. This will mean registration will need to occur between 0630-0730 hours. In an attempt to stream line the Check-In Procedures, Please have the appropriate forms completed when you arrive at the range. These forms include the following:

  1. Release of Liability Form (This ONLY needs to be completed “ONE TIME” for XTC and/or for Mid-Range Matches and for Long Range Matches each year.)
  2. Appropriate Match Entry Forms
  3. Advance Registrations. Please continue to help us out by ensuring you have done your Advance Registered (ON LINE) Prior to the Wednesday before the weekend of the matches.

If Range 103 is used; will assemble at the Thunder Dome Area and then proceed to the starting yard line. Across the Course Matches will meet at the 200 yard line. Mid-Range Matches will meet *usually at the 600 yard line. * (Unless the MR Match is a 300, 500 & 600 yard match, then we will meet at the 300 yard line).
If we use Range 116; will assemble at the 600 Yard line and then proceed to the starting yard line.

Once you arrive at the Santa Margarita Gun Club, we ask that each able bodied person assist us in getting the range and targets set up. Prior to dropping off your gear at the 200 yard line, we ask that you go to the Conex Box and assist us in loading all the targets and target supplies onto the bomb carts to expedite the range set up.
Range & Match Improvements:

  • Range 103 Wind Flags: The SMGC will be adding on Wilcox Range, a range flag at the 200 yard line and at the 500 yard line.
  • Shade Cover: The Club has purchased shade covering so it is available for all competitors at the 600 yard line. This shade will be placed on the READY LINE so you can place yourself under the shade. Please ensure your equipment is placed BEHIND the Shade Poles, so it is there for the competitors and not the gear.
  • Pit Ammo Cans: You will find a surprise inside the club’s ammo cans in the pits. We have included a piece of rope which you can use to aid in pulling the Targets Up & Down. The rope is a sturdy ½” black nylon.
  • The competitors who are assigned on the relay who are going to the pits first – will do exactly that. They will drop off their gear off at the appropriate yard line and move directly to the Pits and place their targets in the target carriers.
  • The Mandatory Environmental Safety Brief will be read in the Pits and on the firing line concurrently, versus having everyone on the firing line hear it and then move down to the Pits or Firing line. These simple steps should help in allowing us to get these matches started “ON TIME”.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you at our events.

Semper Fidelis and Good Shooting,

Harry D. Harrison