Santa Margarita Gun Club

Letter from the High Power Director – May 11, 2014

It is with Great Regret that I send this out to all of the perspective shooters/Competitor’s to the Annual SMGC Regional “Across the Course (XTC)” Competition which was scheduled on May 24-25, 2014.

The club has to reschedule this match due to Operational Commitments of the US Marine Corps. The SMGC Board of Directors along with me apologizes for this matter, but it is simply “Out of Our Control” at this point and we are “Extremely Disappointed” with this turn of events. This was also evident with this last Saturday’s attempt at doing our Work Party for the Up Coming Matches. Due to a schedule mix up we were also unable to work on the range in order to prepare our targets which are in need of repair. I wish to thank those who showed up on the range. For those who weren’t able to attend, I wanted to list those who did attend and you may contact them and get a better perspective on what happened. Their names are listed below.

Our Club continually looks forward to conduct and promoting various friendly marksmanship competitions for Active Duty and Reserve Military Personnel and Civilian competitor’s alike. These unfortunate interruptions to the SMGC Schedule affect the many people who depend on the SMGC to conduct the best quality of Rifle and Pistol Marksmanship Competitions in Southern California.

Again, we are extremely sorry we are unable to put on this match on its previously scheduled date and time. We are looking at the possibility of rescheduling this Match at a later date. The next Major event to be held on Wilcox range will be the NRA Regional Mid-Range Champions and then the US Police & Fire Championships “XTC” and Sniper/Tactical Rifle Competition.

Those who showed up on May 10th:

  • Mike St Clair (Maj, USMC Ret.)
  • Shayne Whitaker (Sgt, USMC)
  • Edward Polzin (CWO3, USMC)
  • Matt Kokoszka (SSgt, USMC Ret.)
  • Mike Jones
  • Rick Austin
  • Paul Guy
  • John Kountz
  • Rich Elliott
  • Dave Ellis
  • William Frye
  • Gary Boren
  • Lucky Lovell
  • Gregg Materna
  • John Hermsen
  • Harry Harrison (MGySgt, USMCR Ret.)

Be sure to check onto the website for up to date information on the SMGC Matters.

Semper Fidelis,

Harry D. Harrison