Santa Margarita Gun Club

Single Marine Program Aboard Base / Wounder Warrior Sponsorship Opportunity

Good Evening SMGC Members,

I am writing you this evening to make a special request. I am appealing for sponsors to support a joint venture between SMGC, the Single Marine Program aboard Base, and the Wounded Warrior Battalion also located aboard Camp Pendleton.

A $375 donation will support one qualified Service Person to attend a once in a lifetime (for some of us) Pheasant Hunt weekend excursion to Tejon Ranch in Lebec, CA. The attendees will arrive on the Ranch and receive a lunch, to be followed by a Pheasant Hunt and a night camping out together, the following day there will be a cleanup hunt with dogs and then depart. There is space for 20.

Your support will make a lasting impression on these gentlemen and ladies while creating an opportunity for fraternity and healing. Get our friends out in the open, out in fresh air and clear sky (hopefully), out of the Barracks for a weekend. California is a beautiful State and Tejon Ranch has preserved that legacy as the largest private Ranch in California while being in existence since 1830.

We are trying to organize and conduct this weekend getaway on January 14-16th, so if any of you are interested in supporting an individual Service Member’s weekend excursion, please respond promptly.

Thank you all very much for your support, Semper Fidelis,

John Hermsen, President/CRSO