Santa Margarita Gun Club

Precision Rifle Seminar and Match

From the Long Range Director:
For all of you SMGC-ers, the School of Infantry-West (SOI-W) is hosting a Precision Rifle Series seminar and match on March 3 and 4 at Range 117.  This will be a seminar with some suggestions, tips and how-to’s on Saturday with live fire practice and then a 7-10 stage match on Sunday.  I would suggest 50 rounds for Saturday practice and 100 – 120 rounds for Sunday’s match. Ammunition will be restricted to 223 or 308 WInchester only.
After the PRS match there will be a 1000 yard 4-man team match.  I estimate this will start between noon and 1 pm. Pit pullers will be provided for the team match.
There is no entry fee as the USMC SOI-W is sponsoring the event.  Please consider donating $20 to the prize pool at the match.
To signup: please contact me directly at and I will coordinate entries with the SOI-W command.
Mike Jones
Long Range Director, SMGC
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