Santa Margarita Gun Club

Merry Christmas! A letter from the President.

Good Evening to all and a Merry Christmas as well,

I have no news to report from Base as to the renewal of our License to operate SMGC, other than the last word from our Representative that the paperwork was underway through the system. Last word was we would be done in January, and so, until that time we all eagerly await resumption of operations and the excellent events we have planned for the new year.

Speaking of the new year, for those interested in participation in the 2018 Western Division Matches. You should plan for a start date of 5 February and completion around the 16th. WDMs will be conducted at 29 Palms this year.

The time to renew memberships is upon us and SMGC needs your continued support by renewing your memberships so that management can pay the upcoming Insurance, Lease and restocking of targetry, etc.

SMGC Members residing in San Diego County please pay special consideration to the following:

Several SMGC Members are participating in the legal challenges to the upcoming Ammunition Restrictions. Several others are also participating in the other challenges currently working in the system with CRPA, and specifically Michel and Associates of Long Beach.

The law firm is looking for volunteers to be plaintiffs in the impending challenge to be filed in San Diego County. Please consider volunteering for this effort and if so, YOU MUST contact them within the next day or two at most.

I wish you all a most happy and joyous Christmas, I eagerly await our impending New Year and look forward to seeing you all on the Range soon.

Merry Christmas!

John Hermsen President/CRSO