Santa Margarita Gun Club

29 Palms GSM Match

I received this notice from Jeff Lovat (the SMGC GSM Match Director) about a GSM match at 29 Palms.  the referenced flyer (match bulletin can be found here.



Apple Valley and Santa Margarita GSM shooters,

I hope by now you have all seen the flyer for the wonderful shoot 29 Palms is providing us the D-Day week end of June 6 & 7.
If not, I have attached it here.
Several people have written or called me with similar questions so I will try to answer them here for everybody.
They are having an authentic “three-gun” CMP shoot: Garand, Springfield and Vintage. And a pistol and rifle EIC.
First question: “can we shoot the same rifle (Garand or Springfield or ?) in all three GSM matches?
Answer: Yes.
You would only be eligible for award pins in “the” match dedicated to that rifle, but, you can still shoot all three matches with the same rifle, if desired.
Second question: “can we camp out Friday night in addition to Saturday night?” 
Answer; Yes.
I myself and at least two others plan to be dry camping behind the 600 yard line berm Friday night.
The range house has toilets and an open shower available and there are also porta potties outside.
Contact Cpl Evans via his e mail address or by phone, and make him aware of your intention to shoot.
It will make your entrance to the base much simpler if you do.
Cpl Evans:

Contact: Kevin Evans   


Work Phone: 760-830-6700

Whether you shoot one, two or all three GSM matches the price is the same…so shoot all three!
I and at least four others will shoot the pistol EIC Saturday and we are all beginners to it so don’t be shy to shoot that. With the rule changes for this year there are a plethora of allowable pistol models to shoot now.
Then there is the rifle EIC Sunday after the morning GSM Vintage, and it is not classified as military as someone asked me and as such even if you shot the Navy/PacFlt this one will count towards your five (5) allowed EIC’s per year which the new rules this year allowed.
Re Sunday mornings Vintage match, examples of vintage rifles include: Enfields, 1917’s, Krag, Swedish and German Mausers, Arisakas, Lee-Navy, 30-40 1895 lever action, Mosin Nagant, Swiss Schmidt Rubin, Swiss K-31, etc
Jeff Lovat
cc: Cpl Evans