Santa Margarita Gun Club

Farewell message from one of our members

On Jun 17, 2015, at 10:26 AM, John Hermsen  wrote:
Thank you for the kind words Michael.  It has been our pleasure to have you participate with us when you did.  Not many come along that are the great combination of excellent skills,  outstanding coaching ability,  a gentleman as well as competitor with the most affable demeanor at all times;  you will be missed on our Ranges.

Fair winds and following seas to our friend Michael,  come and visit when you can.
With Respect,
John Hermsen  President/CRSO

On Jun 15, 2015, at 7:33 AM, Michael Sierra  wrote:
Harry, Steve, BoD, Officers, Match Directors & Assistants-
Thank you for extending to me the opportunity to join the SMGC for a day of learning and sharing of experience.  However, unfortunate timing will cause me to be unavailable as the Corps has decided it is time for me to move.
I would also like to thank you and SMGC for being welcoming to all who seek to improve their marksmanship skills, regardless of barrel length and individual skill starting point.  My work schedule proved as demanding as I anticipated, perhaps more than I admit–otherwise, I would have definitely participated in many of the scheduled events.
Continue to train, develop and mentor our shooters with the open and approachable environment you and the club showed me.  Dry fire often to shoot hard and shoot straight.
Thank you again.
Semper Fidelis-