Santa Margarita Gun Club

Letter from the High Power Director

I wanted to Thank those who came out to help at the Work Party this Afternoon (May 9th).

These Folks are:

  • Don & Cyndee Goodner, Cyndee’s son – Derek Eaton,
  • Dave Jordan (Former SMGC President)
  • Mike Jones (CEO of Accu Grip and constant Support of SMGC)
  • SMGC Board of Director’s David Ellis and John Hermsen.

These seven (7) people did the work of 20 in getting the Conex Box and Targets Ready at Range 103 for the rest of the competitors to use at the matches.

We not only got the Conex Box and Targets – Squared Away, but John, Mike and Dave Jordan got all of the Lanyard’s UP for the FLAGS we use on Wilcox Range !!! The rest of us worked on Cleaning, Repairing and Inventorying the Conex Box and its contents. The Range Cans are completely Squared Away and it will be to everyone’s benefit to keep them that way!!!

I hope all of you will say “Thank You” to them the next time you come to an SMGC Event.

Thank You ALL once again!!!! You did a Wonderful Job in making SMGC Look Good !!!!!

Harry D. Harrison