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June 13,14 2013 Long Range match results

Thanks to every one for attending our July 13th and 14th Long range events. I appreciate all of your support and hard work setting up and breaking down the range. We couldn’t have a match without you! Even with this weekend parking issue we were able to complete the matches at a reasonable hour.

Again a special thanks goes out to our Long Range sponsor… Ammo Brother’s for the swag, be sure to check out their website or visit their stores. I also appreciate everyone who purchased the club patches. The revenue goes directly to the betterment of the club.

As always this weekend at range 117a was very challenging. The range conditions on Saturday tested everyone’s abilities, the day seemed to be a humbling experience for all. Sunday was also was very tricky but much more manageable than Saturday.

Congratulations to this weekend’s match winners; Rick Nhan took first place on Saturday for the conventional class with a 556-14x followed by Mike Thomas with a 536-7x. Steven Blair walked away with the win for F-class with a 574-18x followed up by Gary Fowler with a 568-17x and then Gregg Taylor with 558-9x. Gary Eliseo took first on Sunday with a 589-18x while representing the convention shooters, followed by Vlad Sanda with 581-15x and Jim Wagner with 580-16x. F-class was won by Gary Fowler with a 579-16x closely followed by Steven Blair with a 578-20x and coming in 3rd was Mark LaFevers with a 569-11x.  Thanks to Gary Eliseo, Steven Blair, Mike Thomas and Gregg Taylor for donating their swag back to the club.

Due to scheduling conflicts the next LR match will be scheduled in September. I hope to see everyone then. I will also start a new prize category called ‘New Shooter’ any shooter that has never shot with us before or has participated in less than 2 matches will be eligible for the ‘New Shooter’ class. A minimum of 2 new shooters will need to be compete to qualify for a prize.

The match summary bulletin is posted on the match results page.

Best Regards and be safe!

Gary Fowler

Long Range Director


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