Santa Margarita Gun Club

High Power Director July 2013 Update

Hello Fellow High Power Rifle Shooters!

I wanted to inform you all of some changes which will be taking place while we have the summer months and day light savings time upon us.

  1. Match Start Times: In order to take advantage of wind conditions and cooler temperatures, it has been decided to start our Mid Range and XTC Matches at 0700 hours. This will mean registration will occur between 0600-0645 hours AND for XTC Matches, we will do this at the starting yard line (i.e. 200 yards).
  2. HELPING US TO GET THE RANGE SET UP: Once you arrive at the Santa Margarita Gun Club, we ask that each able bodied person assist us in getting the range and targets set up. Prior to dropping off your gear at the 200 yard line, we ask that you go to the Conex Box and assist us in loading all the targets and target supplies onto the bomb carts to expedite the range set up.
  3. Range & Match Improvements: The SMGC is looking for additional suggestions for ways to improve the conduct of SMGC Matches. On Wilcox Range, we have added a range flag at the 300 yard line and plans to place additional range flags at the 200 & 500 yard line are in the works. Additionally, we are planning on having shade available for all competitors at the 600 yard line and have more things in store as well.

I want to build on the things we have done in this last year I have been the High Power Director to improve the club matches, but this cannot be a one person effort.
Remember this is a “CLUB” and NOT A “Country Club”. I just wanted to ask all of you who take the time to read this, to please step up whenever you see a need for something to get done at the range. There are many moving parts to running a match and it cannot be done by just one person alone or a small number of people, Everyone needs to get involved! Everyone needs to pitch in to make the matches run smoothly. If you find yourself, standing around with nothing to do, ask a club officer/range personnel what needs to be done to speed things up. It may be something as simple as jumping into the transport vehicle and driving it down to the pits.

If you get to the range early please give us a helping hand at the target conex box. Helping load up targets onto the range cart (to be brought down range), ensure all of the target “cans” get place onto the range cart or ensuring the “correct repair centers” are taken to the pits helps all of us out.

Last but certainly not least, please stick around after the matches are concluded to receive the scores and especially to recognize the Winners. We know you don’t do this sport for the money because you could make more $$ in golfing or something else. Getting recognized for your hard work is NOT A CRIME. It actually is inspirational to someone who is not at your level “yet”. Being known as a Good Shooter is something we all strive for. So please show your support to our fellow Gun Club Members who did well enough to be recognized. With the earlier start time and smoother operations of the match, this will lead to earlier finish times. Some have asked about practice sessions, clinics and other ways to improve your individual shooting. I will address this during the next few matches on what is in the works. Before we can move onto these bigger and better things, we need to nail down the basis of getting the matches set up and ran in a timely fashion.

It is my intention to continue to stream line the process of checking-in, so that we can start our matches at the times we say they are supposed to start. I like shooting as much as the next guy, but it doesn’t require we take ALL DAY TO DO IT. In order for this to be accomplished, I remind all of you need to continue to do the following things:

  1. Ensure you PRE-Register for Matches you intend to shoot in AND show up to shoot those Matches. I have worked at ensuring competitors fire against others with the same abilities (aka: same classification) and that can be done thru pre-squadding.
  2. Make sure you give us accurate information on yourself. It is my goal to have you.
    • Show up to the match,
    • Pay your match fee,
    • Get your score cards and
    • Move down to your firing point and get ready for the start of the match.By Pre-Registering and/or having your entry forms (in hand) and already completed when you arrive to the range, this will reduce the amount of “Admin Time” prior to the match.
  3. The competitors who are assigned on the relay who are going to the pits first, will do exactly that. They will drop off their gear off at the appropriate yard line and move directly to the Pits and place their targets in the target carriers.
  4. The Mandatory Environmental Safety Brief will be read in the Pits and on the firing line concurrently, versus having everyone on the firing line hear it and then move down to the Pits or Firing line. These simple steps should allow us to get the matches started “ON TIME.”
  5. Help clean up and put things away at the end of matches.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you at our events.

Semper Fidelis and Good Shooting,

Harry D. Harrison

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