Santa Margarita Gun Club

December 21 Work Party and Live Fire Practice

Event Details / Program [ PDF | Word ]

RANGE LOCATION:  Range 214, Horno Range Complex, MCB, Camp Pendleton, CA. Refer to SMGC web-site ( for Camp Pendleton vehicle entry requirements and detailed driving directions to the range.

WORK PARTY:  The Santa Margarita Gun Club will be conducting our 3rd Work Party to finish the last of our target frames for our Electronic Target Systems.  This work party is dedicated to completing the last amount of work to get our systems and targets finished.  Since the majority of targets frames are built already, we will need to attach the electronic sensors onto the remaining target frames and build the target repair faces for the short and long line events.

WORK PARTY START TIME:  8:30 A.M. on Saturday, December 21, 2019.

PRACTICE SESSION:  Upon completion of the work party, (Approximately 12:00 noon) SMGC Members will transition to the Live Fire events.  The club has invested a vast majority of our club funds to these Electronic Targets so that we would be able to eliminate the need for target pullers at our future events. 

One of our main purposes of this Practice Session will be to get members who attend and desire to shoot, familiar with the two different Electronic Targets Systems (Shot Marker and Silver Mountain Target Systems) along with Match Officials to overcome any problem areas.  Firing Members will need to bring their own personal electronics (Tablet, I-Pad, Lap Top Computer and/or Smart Phones) to the practice session. The course of fire is listed below.