Santa Margarita Gun Club

August Update

Gunner Skinta received the license for signature yesterday and it will be headed back to the base shortly. This has to work its way through the base and Navy approvals, but we are very close to resuming operations and submitting DBIDs for members. We will post via email and website when the DBIDs is submitted and the expected date for all of us to go get our cards. Currently we are looking at resuming matches at the end of September.

John Hermsen, while no longer on the BOD, will continue coordinating with the match directors (Mike, Walter, Kevin and Jeff) to produce and publish a schedule of events. If you have questions or requests please coordinate with John at 858-735-7222.

Finally, we will have a BOD meeting soon to discuss memberships and how to handle membership fees and adjust for all members as a result of nearly 6 months of inactivity. Once that occurs we will notify everyone of the result on the website.

– Mike Jones