Santa Margarita Gun Club

2013 SMGC Camp Pendleton Open

The match program for the Camp Pendleton Open has been posted on the Match Forms page in both PDF and Word/docx.

The Santa Margarita Gun Club Camp Pendleton Open is a two-day event on September 28 and 29, 2013.

The CPO will include several events:

  • September 28 (Sat) – NRA Regional 1000 Point Across the Course Aggregate
  • September 29 (Sun) – NRA Regional 500 Point National Match Course (NMC) Aggregate
  • September 28 (Sat) & 29 (Sun) – NRA Regional 1500 Point Across the Course Aggregate, comprised of:
    • NRA Regional 1000 Point
    • 500 Point (NMC) – No Sighters
  • September 29 (Sun) – Excellence–in-Competition EIC (Leg) Pistol Match
  • September 29 (Sun) – Excellence–in-Competition EIC (Leg) Rifle Match Fired Con-Currently with the NMC Rifle Match
  • September 29 (Sun) – Garand / Springfield / Vintage Military (GSM) Rifle Match

As always, please pre-register online to assist the Match Director and Officials in preparing for this event.

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