Santa Margarita Gun Club

Some amazing 1000 yard shooting

During today’s 1000 yard match our long range match director and club president pulled off a couple of amazing shots.  This target, which is about 12′ wide was exposed above the berm and was moving at walking speed.  First up was president John, I almost could not believe it when suddenly the target almost jumped out of my hand, this shot went through the wooden handle attached to the target.

Hermsen 1000 yard mover hit

Next up was match director Gary, his shot was a heart shot…moving target at 1000 yards, could it have possibly been more centered.  Awesome!!!

Fowler 1000 yard heart shot

And check this out…John took only 3 shots, and Gary took only 2.  I wonder how many dozens of tries it would take me…..

Great shooting guys