Santa Margarita Gun Club

SMGC Work Party 09/2019 Announcement

Friends and Members of the Santa Margarita Gun Club:

As many of you know, SMGC has been without a Licensing Agreement since September 2017.  We finally got our NEW Licensing Agreement signed recently and it is now time to get our house in order completely.  The Officers, Board Members and a few select individuals of this club have worked very hard to get the club back and running.  The club’s future plans are going to be looking great once we get our house in order.

All of the club’s range assets and conex boxes have been moved onto the R213 and R214 complex.  The move itself has shifted all of the contents within those conex boxes around dramatically.  This,  along with the 2 years of lack of use and various rodents having made nests inside of them means, these boxes are in need of immediate attention by all club members if we are to get our regular monthly matches under way !!!!!   

In order to start our 2020 Shooting Season off correctly, the first of two much needed work parties has been approved by the base.  The Board of Directors are requesting ALL of the club members to clear their personal calendars and make it to this first work party in order to get the conex boxes and their contents squared away.

Since SMGC is a Mutual Beneficial Organization and one of the club’s membership requirements of each member is to donate a minimum of 6 hours per year to participate in the club’s work parties. EVERY CLUB MEMBER is responsible to help out in this task. 
If we can get EVERY Available person to come out and donate a few hours of your time we can get this portion of the much needed club work party done very quickly and within a few hours.  There is an old saying, “With many hands makes small work”.

So this is what is planned for the club’s Work Party No. 1. (General Cleaning and Inventory)

Saturday September 28, 2019

START TIME0800 (8:00 AM) 

END TIME1500 (3:00 PM)

  • a.  Removal of all contents within the Conex Boxes (Five conex boxes in total)  2 on R213 (Pistol Range) and 3 on R214 (Rifle Range)
  • b.  All Conex Boxes floors swept or blown out and all materials/contents cleaned
  • c.  Materials Organized and Inventoried
  • d.  Target Frames examined and determined if new Target backing is needed on them or note. 
  • e. Target Frames separated into different stacks: (By Yard lines and by)  Electronic, New, Usable, Un-serviceable
  • f.   Paper Targets organized and placed into protective containers 
  • g.  Range Ammo Cans cleaned out and resupplied
  • h.  INVENTORY MADE:    
    • 1. All Items inventoried – Usable Items kept, Un-usable items discarded   
    • 2. Items which need to be re-stocked listed so they can be re-ordered
  • i.   Conex Contents moved back into the respective Conex Boxes and Organized for ease of use   
    • Conex Box No. 1  – PRS (R214) 
    • Conex Box No.2  – XTC / GSM (R214)
    • Conex Box No.3  – Mid Range / Long Range  (R214)
    • Conex Box No.4  – Pistol (TAN Conex Box on  R213) 
    • Conex Box No.5  – Overstock Items and Items in need of repair. (Old Green One on R213)

Work Party participants should bring the following Items:

  • Work Gloves (Personal Use)
  • Mask to cover breathing (Personal Use)
  • Safety Glasses (Personal Use)
  • Water/refreshments/ice chests/food

If any members can commit to bringing some of these Items and/or also donated some items to make things go faster and easier it would be greatly appreciated: PLEASE CONTACT ME DIRECTLY IF YOU CAN PROVIDE THE FOLLOWING ITEMS.

(Use of Only – Items)

  • Air Blower 
  • Air Compressor 
  • Generator 
  • Extension Cords
  • Power Strips
  • Brooms Label Maker 
  • Circular Saws

(Donated Items)

  • Rags 2″ x 4″ wood  
  • 2″ x 6″ wood   
  • 2″ x 2″ x 8′ Wood 
  • 1/2″ and/or  5/8″ plywood Sheets (in fair to great condition)
  • 2″ Screws (1 large box)
  • The Wood products are in order to fix the stairs in the pits and for Conex flooring/Shelves and future overhead cover between the conex boxes on R214.
  • Trash Bags (Large) and ties  (Donated)
  • Cardboard boxes or Clear Plastic Boxes for storage of loose items  (Donated)
  • Spray Paint Cans:  Colors Requested:  Red, White, Blue, Yellow, Black and Florescent  Orange/Green  (Donated)
  • Zip Lock Bags (Large/Small)  (Donated)

IF SOMEONE IS UNABLE TO PHYSICALLY PERFORM THE DUTIES OF THE WORK PARTY,  Please contact me directly.  The club is also in need of personnel to update the club’s website material for each Discipline.  We also need an Attorney to review the club’s ByLaws and update with the necessary changes already made.  So if you’re better with your mind than body, WE CAN STILL USE YOUR Talent and HELP!

The other Club’s Work Party No. 2. (Target Frame Re-build & Target Build) for the club’s Electronic Targets and Normal Paper Targets) will be held on a date: TBD – To Be Determined.

Thanks ahead of time.  Semper Fidelis

Harry D. Harrison 
MGySgt, USMCR (Retired)
MCDSA Board of Governors
Senior Officer, Fountain Valley P.D. (Retired)
SMGC Vice President, Board of Directors