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New Santa Margarita Gun Club High Power Director

SMGC Board is pleased to announce Harry D. Harrison has been appointed as the new Santa Margarita Gun Club High Power Rifle Director.  He is a retired Master Gunnery Sergeant (E-9) from the USMCR. He is a long time Member of the SMGC. He is the 2000 National Service Rifle Champion, a firing member of the 2001 National Trophy Team Champions (USMCR Gold), and has won numerous other championships. He is a Distinguished Rifleman in Highpower Rifle and in Smallbore Prone. He is also a former member of the USMCR Rifle Team and currently the defending NRA National Police Champion. Here are some of his other shooting accomplishments listed below:


  • Smallbore Prone Distinguished Shooter
  • Finalist for the 1984 Olympic Smallbore Trials
  • Numerous State/Regional Championships, including 1983 California State Prone Champion
  • Former Member of the US Dewar Rifle Team
  • Former Member of the US National Developmental Rifle Team


  • US Marine Corps Distinguished Rifle Shooter
  • 2000 National Service Rifle Champion
  • 2001 National Trophy Team Championship – Firing Member
  • 2010, 2011 National Police Rifle Champion
  • Numerous State/Regional Championships
  • Former Member & Coach of the USMCR Rifle Teams (1981-2008)

Harry is also active with his department’s shooting team in handgun and shotgun competitions, such as 3-Gun and IPSC.  He has won numerous medals at the Police/Fire Championships over the years as well. He wanted make a few comments to both the members of the SMGC and to perspective shooters of the club’s events.

The following is an open letter from Harry Harrison:

Hello to everyone who is reading this. I am looking forward to making some new friends and seeing some ‘ole friends at the SGMC Events. I have been shooting competitively, for over 30 years. I have had some awesome opportunities to travel all across the United States and shoot at many places. I have seen great shooting programs and some not so good ones. The point here is I know what makes a great shooting program.

As your High Power Rifle Director, my goals for the shooting program are very simple. I want to make our club’s events a very rewarding experience to everyone who attends. I want each of you to enjoy your time “being out on the range”. I will strive to make the SGMC the premier place for everyone who enjoys shooting Highpower Rifles. The club welcomes our first time shooters as well as the returning High Master Shooter’s.  Many of our sports greatest shooters have shot on these ranges. I want you to realize we are given an incredible opportunity to shoot on these ranges and we can build on this as well.

My hope for those who participate at our matches is that you walk away with a great personal experience. I hope you enjoy the level of competition and enjoy the opportunity to hang out with great people such as yourselves.  I promise I will do my very best to ensure the matches are well-run and well organized. I will also make it my priority to recognize your efforts. There will be an Awards Presentation at the end of the Tournament and Each Class Winners will be recognized.

This club has a unique opportunity to surpass even your highest expectations, but also realize this cannot be done by one person alone. I will need your help and your very best efforts to make these goals a reality.

If it’s your first time to shoot a match don’t be afraid to come here. We will help you to properly develop your skill level and improve.  If you haven’t been to a club match in a while, I want to invite you to come back and check things out. I will continuously seek everyone’s suggestions to make the club and the matches better for us all.

I already know, you will like some of the changes I have planned, but the only way you will know about them is to come out and see them for yourself. I hope to see you out here very soon.

Semper Fidelis,

Harry D. Harrison

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