Santa Margarita Gun Club

Message from the SMGC President – Club Access to MCBCP

I would like the Membership at large to know what SMGC is facing and that we have 18 Months, actually less,  to seek a policy change or some form of relief from our politicians on this matter.

This is an exception to the intent of the SECNAV’s policy changes with regard to Non-DoD use of Federal Land in SMGC’s opinion,  in that,  there are times when a program such as our Nonprofit provides so much more than a sterile,  “pay for play” policy can equate.

ALL HANDS:  This is your call to action!  Pick up the phone and call Duncan Hunter and Darrel Issa,  you have everything you need to know contained in the message below to voice your concerns.  SMGC’s President has already made the calls and is awaiting their response,  please help light a fire under their response by voicing your concerns to their offices immediately.

County Supervisor Bill Horn will be called on Monday,  please try to beat me to it.

Thank you for your more than 60 years of service to the shooting community SMGC!  and many more to come with your continued support,  we need you now,  more than ever!

John Hermsen,  President/CRSO and the Board of Directors

Mr. Hermsen:

Good afternoon…. The following is in response to a request from the Santa Margarita Gun Club (SMGC) received by the MCIW-MCB Camp Pendleton G-3/5 (Operations, Training, and Plans) office for a modification to the existing Real Estate License Agreement (N6871192RP02Q35):


  1. The MCIW-MCB Camp Pendleton G-3/5 is opposed to the SMGC expanding the number of ranges currently authorized for use and delineated in the existing agreement.
  2. The current agreement will be in place for another 18 months, during which time the SMGC may continue to operate at Wilcox Rifle/Pistol and R-116A/117A as stipulated in the existing agreement at no additional costs.
  3. Upon expiration of the current agreement, if the SMGC should choose to pursue continued range use aboard the base, expect the following as a result of recent changes to SECNAV policy regarding Non-Federal Entities and use of DoN land:
  • NAVFAC administrative processing fee’s associated with new license agreements (approx. $3,000.00)
  • The execution of an Environmental Conditions Report checklist with all costs associated with this effort to be borne by the SMGC (no clear-cut estimate, but most likely in the thousands of dollars…)
  • Fair Market Value for use of the range (s)… This would also require a Fair Market Value Appraisal, for which the SMGC would be responsible for all costs associated with this effort; to include subsequent costs associated with use of the range, based on fair market value…Again, no estimate readily available for the aforementioned costs, but it’s fair to assume costs would be well into the thousands of dollars.


In short, there is a “pay for play” mandate in effect. Even if the G-3/5 were to support expanded range use for the SMGC as requested, a new agreement would need to be established, bringing all factors identified above into play. We understand there has been a long-standing relationship between this installation and the SMGC; however, this installation is bound by Secretary of the Navy policy and guidance.


If you have any additional questions relative to this issue, please feel free to contact me via email, or the phone number provided below. If you would prefer a formal letter of response, please advise and we will provide.