Santa Margarita Gun Club

May 06-07, 2017 Long Range Match Report

We had to change up our plans due to the predicted storm over the weekend. Originally we planned to shoot 1000 yards on Saturday and 600 yard Sunday so everyone could get some practice before the Mid-Range Regional on May 20 and 21. With the near 100% chance of rain Saturday night I decided to run the 600 yard match on Saturday while we could get down the range and then do the 1000 yard match on Sunday if the rain held off. We had 12 brave souls show up to shoot on Saturday as well as Van Texas a our medic. Thanks to Van, Marc and Gary for their efforts as Medics and RSOs for Saturday. Also a big thank you to Marine Cpl Kenneth Ring and Juan Enriquez for their duties as pit pullers. You guys were a big help and great pit service!

Since Simon wasn’t present and I was running the match, we did not get any pictures. Unlike Simon’s previous lush green images and fording the lake/swamp near the pits from April 9, the range is drying out and other than a single large Mustard plant in Mark Roth’s target line the rest of the range was pretty well brown and recently mowed.

We had on and off drizzle which made a slight mess, but no soaking during our 60 shots for record. Lee Davis won the match in FTR shooting his 223 with a 594-34X. Fantastic shooting Master Chief! Marc Mittry was second overall with a 593-26X. Rounding out F-Class, Gary Atkinson was second with a 592-30X, Mike Jones finished 3rd with a 592-22X.

At the end of the shoot, a quick check of the forecast and I decided to cancel the match for Sunday. Fortunately, I woke up to wet streets and rain in San Clemente this morning (Sunday) and feel vindicated. I would have hated to give up the day if there was no rain.

Thanks to everyone for coming out and helping with the range setup and breakdown. Scores for the day are shown below.

  • Gary Atkinson FTR 592-30X
  • William Baston FTR 573-14X
  • Lee Davis FTR 594-34X
  • Mike Jones F-OPEN 592-22X
  • Marc Mittry Match 593-26X
  • Randy Nations FTR 525-4X
  • Mark Roth F-OPEN 589-18X
  • Kerry Stottlemyer FTR 545-6X
  • Eugene York FTR 570-13X