Santa Margarita Gun Club

Letter from SMGC President RE: Range Operations / Licensing

Attention All Hands,

The notice you’ve all been waiting for!  SMGC will resume operations in the very near future,  our first event looks to be occurring at Range 117,  our old stomping grounds;  stand by for notice to follow shortly on the website for date and time.

DBIDS:  All  current Members will receive instructions on this website when it is time to renew DBIDS.  This should occur in the next 2 weeks as new procedures are implemented.  Please,  STAND-BY and take no action until instructed to do so.

Licensing:  SMGC executed a 3 month extension on the Lease today,  IOT refine the additions necessary to the existing licensing agreement,  and to add necessary Ranges to our list.

The Club is in great need of someone to immediately step forward and accept the position of Treasurer and Secretary as Harry and Cindy (our current Treasurer and Secretary) are leaving the State.  

I would also like to announce to you,  your next Vice President of SMGC Inc. will be,  Marine Gunner Chris Jones!  Thank you Chris,  we look forward to welcoming you to your new position on the BoD,  and look forward to many years of promulgating Marksmanship Skills. 

This is also all Members,  30 day notice of elections and General Club Meeting.  Time,  Date and Location to be posted as soon as I can book a location (COVID-19 Restrictions. Oy Vey!),  most likely the VFW Post in Encinitas should they be open… Any Members in attendance will be considered a Quorum and voting shall proceed.

The Club is also in need of someone to step forward and accept the Directorship of the HP,  Midrange and XTC Program.  With Harry’s departure,  my intent is that Midrange Matches will run concurrently with PPR and Carbine Matches at R218;  while XTC,  GSM/ Vintage Rifle Matches will occur at Range 214 on alternate weekends.  If you are interested,  please ask any questions and I hope to be working with someone interested in promulgating those particular disciplines with Jeff Lovat,  our GSM/Vintage Rifle program Director, soon. 

Thank you for your attention,  carry on,  God Bless America

John Hermsen,  President/CRSO