Santa Margarita Gun Club

Letter from High Power Director – 2013-01-19

Dear High Power Rifle Competitor:

To ensure our SMGC Records reflects the most current information on you and your shooting classifications, we respectfully request that you do the following PRIOR TO participating in your FIRST (1st) Competition with the Santa Margarita Gun Club – for Any Event for 2013:

  1. Bring your NRA Membership Card with you during your first match of the New Year. This will not be asked of you again, once it has been verified that the club has the correct membership number. It is needed for recording scores and reporting scores to NRA.
  2. Bring a PRINT OUT of your Current NRA Classifications. This can be done by logging into the NRA’S Website, then go to the “Membership Services” Tab. Once at this tab it will ask you to “LOG IN”. Log in if you have an existing account or create an account to gain access. You will need your NRA Membership Number to do so. Once you are in, look at the LEFT SIDE of the Page under “Manage your Membership”. In that column you will see at the bottom a tab which says, “Your Shooting Classifications”. Click on that tab and simply print out the page once it pops up. All of your current shooting classifications should be listed.
  3. As a reminder, ALL SMGC Participants and observers who enter aboard MCB Camp Pendleton are REQUIRED to have picture identification with them upon entering the base.
    1. ALL Drivers must have a CURRENT Driver’s License. You WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO ENTER THE BASE, unless your License is Current.
    2. All Vehicles are required to have a current registration card WITH THE VEHICLE.
    3. All Vehicles MUST HAVE CURRENT – Proof of Insurance
  4. Entry into Camp Pendleton for those without a DoD Sticker should be one of the three gates:
    1. The Main Gate,
    2. The Las Pulgas Gate or
    3. The (San Luis Rey entrance) Rear Gate
  5. ENTRY Through the Naval Weapons Station – Fallbrook is restricted to those who have a current DoD Sticker or Military and/or Law Enforcement Identification.

Please allow a 30-45 minute process to go from any of the above mentioned gates to the Ranges. Please go to the club’s website prior to leaving for Camp Pendleton for the most up-to-date information on any SMGC Matches or activities aboard Camp Pendleton.

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