Santa Margarita Gun Club

June 2015 Midrange Regional Results

Congratulations to the Winners of the June 2015 SMGC Midrange Regional.

The overall match winner is Allen Thomas with a score of 1188-52X.

A summary of the overall aggregate Winners and the Category Winners are listed below

Name Day 1 Aggregate Day 2 Aggregate Grand Aggregate Awards
Allen Thomas 595-26 593-26 1188-52 Match Winner, 1st Place Conventional Gold Medal
Christine Harris 588-25 591-28 1179-53 1st Place F Open, Gold Medal
Scott Harris 588-23 588-25 1176-48 1st Place F TR, Gold Medal
Randy Teissedre 581-37 594-38 1175-75 2nd Place conventional, Gold Medal
Gary Elisio 588-23 585-21 1173-44 2nd Place F Open, Silver Medal
Greg Taylor 589-27 582-20 1171-47 2nd Place F TR, Silver Medal
Mark Roth 584-26 585-27 1169-53 3rd Place F TR, Bronze Medal
Justin Bertino 584-27 579-22 1163-49 3rd Place F Open, Bronze Medal
Ken Letwin 560-19 591-15 1151-34 3rd Place conventional, Bronze Medal
Andrew Marumoto 544-9 528-7 1072-16 High Service Rifle

Full results are available on the Match Results page.

I would also like to thank all of those who helped make this match happen.  Special thanks to Dave Ellis and John Kountz who set up the range on Friday night preceeding the match.  Also to Dave Ellis and John Hermsen for calling the line.  Thanks to Duane Fitzgerald for cooking burgers Sunday afternoon.

I hope you all had a good time and will return to next years match.