Santa Margarita Gun Club

January Message from the SMGC VP

Our next club event on the 18th will be a Mid-Range (3 x 500) Prone match using our Electronic Target Systems.  Please refer to the tournament program which was sent out to all club members and is posted on the website.  This will be the 1st MR using ALL Electronic Targets and this is only possible because of the 11 individuals who came out to the December  21st Club Work Party No. 3.

I just wanted to take a minute to shout out a huge “THANK YOU” to those 11 individuals who showed up at the SMGC 3rd Club Work Party.  All of you put in a lot of hard work on that date.  We didn’t get a chance to put any holes into the new targets due to a Buffalo camping out on the range.  He hung out there all day long so we were never able to get into a Hot Status.  The efforts which were put out by a small number of people is TRULY APPRECIATED by myself and the rest of the BoD and Club Officers.

When we all left the range, we were tired and we all had a good feeling of accomplishment in getting our Mission Completed!  So again I just wanted to say GREAT JOB BY ALL!!!!As we look forward to our next SMGC events in January, I hope you spread the word to your fellow shooters, friends, Marines and other service members that we (SMGC) are on our way to bringing Great Competitive Shooting back onto MCB Camp Pendleton because of the help!!

Those who already know a lot about the Electronic Target Systems (Shot Maker and Silver Mountain) we will also need your expertise when we start using them at our future club events.Also as a reminder, we are still looking for medical persons for each of the disciplines along with other persons who would be interested in becoming RSO’s.  

Thank You Again, Semper Fidelis and God Bless you all!

Harry D. Harrison 
MGySgt, USMCR (Retired)
MCDSA Board of Governors
Senior Officer, Fountain Valley P.D. (Retired)
SMGC Vice President, Board of Directors