Santa Margarita Gun Club

February 7-8, 2015 Long Range Match Results

Shooters –

As always, thank you for all of your help and support for the February Long Range matches.

Saturday the 7th we experienced an extraordinary day, the wind was very cooperative for the first 2 relays of the day but of course the wind came up and we found ourselves back to normal for the  3rd relay. As the competitors battle for the win we saw some very close scores, 3rd place was taken by Gregg Taylor with a 585-19x while Steve Blair held onto 2nd with a 586-19x. for the first time Alan Howland took the number 1 spot with a hard fought 586-20x.

Sunday the 8th was of course back to the normal high winds and the competitors wind reading skills were put to the test. Gary Atkinson took 3rd with a 570-14x while Mark Roth safely held onto 2nd with a 574-19x but a newcomer to Long Rang named Martin Tardif took the win with a 580-14x.  Congrats to all of the competitors!

A special congrats goes to the following competitors who earned a SMGC pin…

Alan Howland  – gold, silver and bronze…Amazing, Way to go!!!!

  • Gregg Taylor – silver… good job!!!!
  • Gary Atkinson – Bronze… well done!!!
  • Gary Fowler – Bronze.

Thanks again and I will see you all on the range,


Gary Fowler

Long Range Director

Santa Margarita Gun Club


The full results are available on the match results page