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Camp Pendleton Open Match Results

The Camp Pendleton Open was held on September 28,29 2013.  The NRA Regional match combined a 1000 point aggregate on Saturday, and a 500 point aggregate on Sunday (which also counted as CMP EIC Rifle Match).   There was also a Sunday morning CMP EIC pistol match and a Sunday afternoon GSM Match.

Congratulations to Overall Match Winner MSgt. Justin Skaret, USMCR .  Justin’s two day aggregate score was 1469-65X.  This make a back to back wins at the Regional for Justin.

The Saturday Rifle Match aggregate was won by Maj. Charlton Evans, USMCR with a score of 984-43X.  Congratulations Charlton.

The Sunday Rifle Match aggregate was won by SSgt. Eric Swearingen, USMCR with a score of 490-19X.  Congratulations Eric.

Sunday morning started with an EIC Pistol Match.  Congratulations to match winner Harry Harrison.  Harry fired a 242-3X for EIC gold.

The Sunday Rifle Leg Match was won by Kevin Cooper with a 469-9X.  Kevin will be awarded 8 EIC points for the win.

Eric Brayman fired a 275-4X with his M1 Garand for victory in the Garand Springfield Military Match.  Congratulations Eric

The full match results are available on the match results page

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