Santa Margarita Gun Club

2017-01-30 – Letter from the SMGC President

Attention All Cub Members!

The Club is actively seeking any residents of ORANGE COUNTY CALIFORNIA: Who possess, participate with SMGC, and would like to pass to their heirs, an AR-15 platform firearm; OR, Any resident of ORANGE COUNTY CALIFORNIA: Who would like to purchase an AR-15 platform firearm in order to participate with SMGC in it’s competitive events.

We are seeking you! To be represented by Michel and Associates in an “all expenses paid” Lawsuit to challenge the recent AW Ban enacted by California legislature and signed into Law by Governor Jerry Brown.

If the previously stated criterion is applicable; and your character is suitable to withstand the inevitable scrutiny. We need your participation. The other possible implications of participation will be the publishing of your name in media (A’la, PERUTA v.s. COUNTY OF SAN DIEGO); and the possibility of being deposed ( a formal process of answering questions with Counsel present).

For those of you not familiar, Michel and Associates is the premier law firm in the State of California engaged in fighting the lunacy that has taken hold recently, they are financed by NRA and CRPA. Although Non-White and Female litigants are advantageous, we highly encourage anyone who is interested and believes they may qualify, to discuss the possibility of participation with me directly.

Lastly, the last day to renew your Memberships for the year has arrived and I cannot overstate the role your dues play in providing for a solid number for us to budget and work with throughout the year. This is the time of year when the large payments go out, such as, Insurance. This is also the year which the rent will come due. I managed to work a deal last time to avoid having to pay for several years, however, in September I expect to receive a substantial bill and I will need you to do your part to provide the capitol the BoD and I will need to work with.

Speaking of money, the Club sustained moderate damage in the recent flood to the Targetry that was recently repaired and stored in the new Conex box at Range 103, and I would like to ask any of you with the capacity to drop a few bucks on us to help repair the targets to please do so.

Thank you all for your loyal and continued support,

John Hermsen, President and CRSO

With the BoD for FY 2017-2018:

Harry Harrison
Dave Ellis
Joseph Mueller
Walter Lange