Santa Margarita Gun Club

2016 May 21-22 NRA Mid-Range Regional Match Report

I would like to thank all those who participated in this past weekend’s 2016 SMGC Midrange Regional Match. I hope you are all looking forward to next year as much as I am I would also like to recognize the award winners for the match:

  • Match Winner Tom Whitaker 1185-53x
  • Second Place Allen Thomas 1185-45x
  • Third Place Marc Mittry 1171-33x
  • High F Class/F Open Walter Lange 1155-21x
  • High Match Rifle Randy Teissedre 1166-45x
  • High Service Rifle Aaron Perkins 1105-28x
  • High Palma Rifle Kames Cobb 1166-39x
  • High Woman Danielle Goeden 1053-8X
  • High Senior Doug Frerichs 1165-50x
  • High Grand Senior Marco Rojas 1118-17x
  • High Service Member Cameron Keating, USAF 1144-36x
  • High Tyro Sean Sandoval 1059-11x
  • First High Master Oliver Milanovich 1163-40x
  • First Master Duane Fitzgerald 1150-23x
  • First SS/Expert Mike Jones 1129-20x
  • First Marksman Dylan Williams 1065-14x
  • Iron Sight Team Match winner – Desert Sharpshooters – 785-30x
    • Douglas Frerichs
    • James Cobb
    • Michael Toliver
    • Oliver Milanovich
  • Any sight Team Match Winner – Competition Machine – 797-45x
    • Allen Thomas
    • Randy Teissedre
    • Gary Elisio
    • John Giles
    • Tom Whitaker – coach

It was notable that we had a large crew from Arizona come over for the match. Looking at the match results show they did real well.

Special thanks to Duane Fitzgerald for the excellent BBQ served during the match on Saturday. This makes the Coalinga Dirk Dogs seem ever crappier than they really are.

And of course we are all in debt to Harry Harrison for putting on the match. There were many things that must be done to hold a match of this magnitude, especially on a Marine base, so we are all in Harry’s debt for pulling it off. I thought he was very generous and creative with the awards.


Ken Letwin
Asst Match Director

Scores are archived on the Match Results page or can be downloaded from the links below:

  • Overall by Class (.pdf)
  • Iron Sight Agg by Score (.pdf)
  • Iron Sight Agg by Class (.pdf)
  • Any Sight Agg by Score (.pdf)
  • Any Sight Agg by Class (.pdf)
  • Team Any Sight (.pdf)
  • Team Iron Sight (.pdf)