Santa Margarita Gun Club

2016 June 11 and June 12 Long Range Match Report

Thanks to the very large group of participants at this months match.

Saturday we had 24 shooters, including seven Marines and one Naval Special Warfare trainee as guests at the range. We also had 2 women shooting with us and one baby tarantula that kept try to climb onto to my shooting mat, thankfully, it was gently removed and relocated by Jessica who is working on a Masters in Biology.

Sunday was down to 14 shooters in very gloomy and wet conditions.

Thank you to Mark Roth, Walter Lange, Duane Fitzgerald, John Hermsen, Van Texas, Rich Elliott, and Mike Jones for bringing and extra rifle and ammunition for Saturday’s 1000 yard match. donated 308 Federal Gold Medal Match ammo for the Marines that brought rifles to the range. I think it was helpful for the guys to have the opportunity to try an number of different guns that are setup for this particular style of shooting. They had the opportunity to shoot bolt actions in 308 Win, 260 Remington, 6.5X47, 6mm BR and 284 Win and could see the difference in wind deflection amongst the calibers.

Multiple Marksmanship pins were earned! Some of you need to claim them at the next match.

  • Robert Sullivan – Gold
  • William Tusch – Gold
  • Charlie Wallace – Silver
  • Duane Fitzgerald – Silver
  • John Encarnacion – Silver
  • Julianne Roth – Bronze
  • Janusz Dabrowski – Bronze
  • Kamran Sadaghiani – Bronze
  • William Baston – Bronze

High Scores for Saturday:

  • 1st – Duane Fitzgerald 576-8
  • 2nd – Charlie Wallace 568-14
  • 3rd – John Encarnacion 559-11 (Mark Roth’s rifle and ammo)

High Scores for Sunday

  • 1st – Duane Fitzgerald 582-14
  • 2nd – Mark Roth 581-19
  • 3rd – Rich Elliott 563-5

Overall Match (Saturday and Sunday)

  • 1st – Duane Fitzgerld – 1158-22
  • 2nd – Bill Baston – 1108-23
  • 3rd – William Tusch – 1081-17

Congratulations and Great Shooting guys!

Thanks to Van Texas and Rich Elliott for the necessary Medic services, John Hermsen as OIC, and Dave Ellis as RSO on Sunday.

We will continue to meet and stage from the Range 116 Parking Lot for all future shoots. This seemed to work fairly well Saturday as we were still able to get the range set up, Safety Brief completed, squadding and the first round down range at 9:15! It was going so well, I want to note, that Van did not even have the opportunity to provide encouragement to “hurry up and get shooting!” Thank you to our Marine pit pullers for the help in getting the pits set up and torn down. Sunday we were torn down and cleared off the range and parking by 1:15 or 1315 for the military folk.

Mike Jones
SMGC Long Range Director