Santa Margarita Gun Club

2016 CMP Rules – Important Changes

For those unaware, the official 2016 20th Edition of the CMP Competition Rules for Service Rifle and Pistol have been published. You may read the official CMP statement here:

The biggest changes to what was anticipated is Optics Service Rifle DOES NOT HAVE a weight requirement as previously stated it would have. Nonetheless, our Service Members will still be able to use their weapons systems in the Civilian EIC Matches in order to earn their “Other Points” towards the Distinguished Badge.

SMGC looks forward to holding its 1st Leg Match sometime in the near future and we hope you all spread the word about these changes. SMGC would like to see the participation levels in the “XTC Matches” we hold on the Sunday portion of our Highpower Rifle Matches.

No doubtedly someone will come up with recommended Optics to use. Gunner Ventrone can advise everyone what the new USMC Optics are going to be.