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2015 May 02-03 Long Range Match Report


Thank you all again for helping SMGC’s Long Range program.

Saturday yielded tough and challenging conditions. As usual the wind provided confusion and opened the door to a humbling yet fun match. Mike Jones took 3rd place with a 336-10x while Duane Fitzgerald was the runner up with a 547-6x. The victor was Walter Lange with a 561-10x great shooting!

The conditions Sunday decided to be a bit more cooperative, Walter Lange held onto 3rd place with a 567-8x while Mark Roth was comfortably in 2nd with a 574-12x. The winner winner chicken dinner was Martin Tardif with a 582-14x!

Notable mention goes to the Jerry’s… we only had 2 conventional shooters on Saturday and Sunday and both were named Jerry. After a hard fought battle Mr. Pullens took the honors on Saturday while Mr. McDonough battled back on Sunday for the top spot.

Special thanks also goes to the Jerry’s for their hard work last Friday in preparing the new and improved number boards and preparing the range for the weekend matches. Their work shaved off over an hour both days allowing everyone to be off of the range before 2pm each day!!! Thank you for your help.

Our next match is scheduled for June 6th and 7th, I hope to see everyone then.

Best Regards,

Gary Fowler
Long Range Director
Santa Margarita Gun Club

The complete results are available for download on the Match Results page.

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