Santa Margarita Gun Club

2014 January 25-26 XTC and MR Recap and Results

The 2014 January 25-26 (XTC and MR 3×600) results are available for download in PDF on the Match Results page.

The Santa Margarita Gun Club held its monthly High Power Rifle Matches on January 25 & 26 at Wilcox Range (103). The XTC “Across the Course” was held on Saturday (25th) and the Mid-Range (3 x 600) was held on Sunday (26th). We had 18 and 21 Competitor’s respectively.

The morning air on both mornings was brisk and both days were virtually beautiful days to be out on the range. In Saturday’s cool morning air, the competition started off at the 200 yard line in Standing. Marine Reservist Cpl James Minturn fired a respectable 195 – 8x to win that match. He fought off a very good challenge from Kurt Nelson who fired a 195 – 2x for second place. Tom Morris came in third in the Standing Match with a 188 – 4x.

Next came the 200 Yard Rapid Fire Sitting Match. Firing his PB aka: “Personal Best”, Aaron Perkins shot his first clean with a 200 – 8x to win the sitting match. Pistol Match Director – Captain Crystal Pearl (Sokoff) shot a 197 – 9x to come in second place and James Minturn shot a 197 – 7x to take third.

At the 300 yard line the typical Wilcox Winds came up. Cpl Minturn used his expertise to battle the winds and fired a 198 – 10x to capture first place. Ken Letwin came in second place with a 196 – 7x and MSgt James Wagner took third, firing a 194 – 6x. Now the group had to fight through the stiff breezes at the 600 yard line.

Showing his metal, Ken Letwin fired a tough 194 – 4x to win the 600 yard line, but Cpl James Minturn would not let his guard down and came in second, only one point behind Letwin with a 193 – 8x. Tom Morris shot a 191 – 4x to take third place at the 600.

With the day’s competition over, the top three shooters were Cpl James Minturn in first place with a score of 783-33x. Second place belonged to Ken Letwin, with a 773-20x (just missing a High Master score by three points). Third place belonged to Thomas Morris of San Diego with a 769 – 13x.

On Sunday, a beautiful day with cool temps to start off met the 21 Mid-Range shooters at the 600 yard line. Conditions were excellent to say the least and Steven Blair took full advantage of it, firing the only clean in the 200 – 9x to start the match off. MSgt James Wagner came in a close second with a 199 – 10x. Gary Eliseo took third with a 198 – 5x.

Match number 2 had some new names on the leader board. Mark Mittry shot a 199 – 10x to capture first place. In a near tie, Steven Blair out “X” fellow competitor Gregory Taylor to take second place with a 197 – 9x and Gregory had a close 197 – 6x to take third.

The final match of the day had very tough conditions for everyone. With sustained winds of over 12 MPH, James Trevellyan poured it on and shot a 199 – 9x to get first place. The next closest competitor was Gary Eliseo, who shot a 197-7x to take second. Third place went to MSgt James Wagner with a 196 – 11x.

When the scores settled, Steven Blair held on to take first place overall with a 593-24x, in second place James Trevellyan had a 592- 19x. Third place belonged to Gregory Taylor with a 589-23x. The next Mid-Range match will only be two weeks away on February 16th. This will be the only MR Short Course Match for the Year. We will shoot 300 Yards, 500 Yards and 600 Yards. Those who plan on shooting the USMC Western Division Matches (February 21-March 7) can get a great head start on your fellow competitors by shooting at this match.

Additionally, anyone LE or Fireman can also get their head start on this year’s US Police & Fire Championships (Sniper/Tactical Rifle Competition). These are the last distances they will shoot during that competition. What a great way to get your “zeros” confirmed at the range you will be shooting at. The SMGC Board looks forward to seeing everyone at the February Mid Range Match.